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Monday, March 26, 2012

Old door headboard, found a vintage number 7 in our shed and no doubt from our house as #7 resides in our address. I almost threw it away until I looked at it before a toss was made into the trash can.
European laundry tape with Zach's initials, glued onto the headboard. I love glue. Oh, and vintage initial laundry tape!
 Pillow made with vintage materials, soft orange pillow Marshall's.
 Better than a visit to Anthro!  Digging at my favorite vintage place! Thrifty to boot.
*Pair of cotton curtains {to go above Vivi's big girl bed, will be a little while yet!}
*Tablecloth for outside entertaining
*Party hats.....I would so wear these! {& I can! haha}
*Remnants of fabric for this and that.
*Religious cards & a calling card, the font is swell.
*Tennyson's book of poems, love old books. {although I don't read much poety? hmmm.}
*Petite crocheted piece......paper attached with directions, handwritten. I couldn't leave it, for 50 cents? A lovely "prop"!

 Tablecloth was around $5.00.

{Vivian's Room}

 See the old button cards? I used to shop with my mother at the place where these came from. They were the samples on the outside of an old La Mode display cabinet. I was tickled to find them as the new owners were selling all the "good, old stuff". They are purely beautiful nostalgia for me.
{Except for the Barbara Schriber baby hanging card, everything is vintage on the wall.}
 Dress looks vintage it is not, her first dress from Anthro {clearance ladies!}. Vivi will wear this fall.
Smock boxes stacked neat & tidy.

 Sweet books for childhood......Always on the lookout for vintage books.

 Vintage coat purchase around 2003. Before I had kids, see it all worked out.

 $3.00 handmade coat with tag that says "Made by Mommy" I'm not that mommy! Anyway, someone did a fab job, the workmanship is impeccable. The bonnet {not shown} is darling.
 Goodwill via Darcy. I call it the "Madeline coat"and it will be fun to come up with something to wear with this. Of, course it needs a jaunty hat with it!

 It took me a year to figure out that I must buy this vintage rack. It was $20.00 and why it took me so long?  It works perfectly in her room as there is no closet. An armoire and this rack is her closet!
Why, yes there is a plastic swan residing on top of the rack.......I tuck hats, etc. in her. {It's called cheap, creative storage and it fits perfectly in a little girl's room.}

I couldn't resist the tissue balls, know they are everywhere! However, they are cheery and they give something fun for wee ones to peek at. The pennants are gold silk. All the store stuff is moved out of here, we did that awhile ago. Still needs some fine tuning. The chandelier is broken and have a new one that needs wired in.

Have a happy, happy week!


Anne Marie said...

I went back and looked at all your lovely a few very very inspiring this is to see

just beautiful and unique

Jill Elaine said...

I need to come over! Been ages since we even talked on the phone - thank goodness for texting :) :)

marti k said...

I love your stuff! so endearing! would love to find out about thrifty store!

outbound malang said...

may god always give the best to you .. :)

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

oh my, i loved all of this! such great finds and decor in your daughter's room...very inspiring! love your shopkeeper style :)

Lauren B said...

This is such a darling room... ideas are spinning for my Baby Bowman's nursury. We're moving in May and she's due to make her presence in June... So if I can get ideas and paint etc BEFORE the move... :)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post! I do have a question, though. 'm doing a special art project and I need something similar to the circular clothes rack you mentioned. Do you have any idea of where I could get something like that? Thank you!