Vintage Cabinet {lots of drawers}

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Please excuse the glare and the light--gray day here in Ohio. Well, I have wiped down every drawer and still need to wipe the glass one more time. Although think it would be good to wait until things are put in the drawers. Don't you think she would look purty with a coat of Annie Sloan's dark wax on the black?

Two of the drawers have broken glass, which is easy to replace one of these days. Even though we want the cabinet upstairs, will go ahead and fill em' up and start organizing. 27 drawers should hold a lot of our small inventory.

 This space where the cabinet currently resides was from one week ago.....I was getting inspired to fluff and well, this table was moved to make room for the cabinet that "didn't fit up our stairway"! Oh, dear!

 Some of these things in this drawer will pop onto Etsy.......

See this wee piece? It was discovered when I was treasure hunting, 1/2 off and in the original box.
Miss Vivi has my dollhouse and this will reside in there. {I love thrift shops, antique places & the fleas! What is it about finding something one-of-a-kind? Do you love this type of shopping?}

Enjoy your weekend! What are you doing? Organizing? Relaxing? Don't forget to go to Church on Sunday......... ;)

P.S. I started drinking Slim Fast {generic brand, Kroger's} and I will keep you posted on this. I'm usually starved by mid afternoon. haha. {do you have any luck with this stuff?} I'm beginning to wonder about my relationship with weight loss drinks.