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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

{shop news}

Kara talked to her California retail friend last week and was told that they were planning Christmas open house already. Yikes, that means we need to get down to business. We have taken a break this past week as we have really just gotten over Country Living fair. We want to get all the new things online by next week. We tried some new products out at the fair and had a great response. We can't wait to show you. Prize Ribbons will be available soon plus a petite offer that involves these and our tablets & pencils. We'll also be re-posting items that are back in stock that you thought disappeared from our website!

{bebe news}

Kara received this card from Darcy a while back. Here's what it says........
Nest now or forever hold your peace!
That little piece of sugar will
soon make an appearance!!!
My Love- Darcy

Some of you blog friends know I'm expecting and also know of our journey to have children. I did have a miscarriage this past January. Luke {almost 3 now} is our first miracle. I feel incredibly blessed to be expecting again and in my 20th week. Some of you gals are still "in waiting" and my prayers go out to you.

So here it is this fall we are presenting "Nesting". I would love to get Luke's baby book scrapbook up to date before this little one arrives in February. I love this company for photo albums, Kolo they have the loveliest of colors and they are simple. I would also like to get baby's room started as well.

I would like to encourage everyone to finish up a project in the month of October. Paint a cabinet, finish something you started, or fall clean.

Fall blessings to all & Happy Nesting!


Amy said...

Kara - What exciting news! Many blessings to you and your growing family! Boy vs Girl? Keep us posted. Take care.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh Kara! How excellent for you & your family! Little Luke will have a playmate! Oh how I wish I'd had many, many more children! But, the one I do get to raise is such a giant blessing that its like having all the others wrapped up in one! :)
Enjoy each & every moment of the expectant time (I always loved that part!) and hold the little one all you want once he/she is here! They grow so fast! I always believed you can't hold them too much, you can't love on them too much, and you can't rock them too much. They all too soon are "too old" for that. ;)

+LivLife+ said...

Congrats! We'll be praying for you and your baby! Olivia

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Kara, I too had miscarriages and it was very difficult. I will be thinking of you often, and will say a prayer for you.

Andrea Singarella said...

kara, I am so happy for you that another miracle is on the way! I wish you comfort and happiness as you feather your nest for your bundle of joy!
xo andrea