News from CL Fair 2008 {coming soon}

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We do hope to have pics and our thoughts on this years event later today.
We are sorta back to normal.
See you later today!



Jill Elaine said...

Please Hurry, Kara! It still kills me that I didn't make it this year. I saw on another blog that your booth was so swamped she couldn't even get a picture! Also heard from a friend that it was packed every time she went by it and she never got in! Sounds like you did well. did you have power when you got home? Our just came back on at 11:20 this morning. Hope to talk to you soon!

Kasey said...

Yahoo, can't wait to see those pics!


Hi, girls--

Congrats on what I already know was a tremendous turn out for you at the CL Fair. Can't wait to hear every last detail. I'll call you soon!


Katie Runnels said...

I can't wait!! I've never been-and I'm so in awe that you met Mrs. Butler! I would have completely dorked out over her!!Of course she made it to your shop! She knows where to find the magic! xoxo Glad you're back!