The day before we head out........

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

{Think of us while we are packing up the shop today}

Good morning!

It's chilly here this morning in Ohio. A bit snappy, fresh after our rainy Monday night. The corn is turning over to it's bountiful harvest color and even though the days warm up you feel fall in the air. Coffee is steaming hot in my cup and after a good night's rest I am ready to start my day.

One last post before we head out tomorrow. All in all things are going well. As a shop owner I'm amazed at the checking and re-checking of orders. Yesterday I called to see about our shopping bags for the event as they were nowhere in sight yet. The company decided to ship them to Southeast Asia instead. Not really, but they had the previous store listed before us with our address. The FedEx driver didn't recognize this store name and it was sent back. They are going to ship out next day air so we hope they show up today. Shop owners do so much checking on things this leaves little time for posting, taking pics, etc. for our blog.

We are shipping out all orders today. Those of you who were waiting on staplers they have arrived in a lovely shade dark aqua green. This is the only color they sent us and we do have one red one as well that showed up. Refills are back in stock. We will ship out all new orders next Wednesday.

Enjoy your day!


Andrea Singarella said...

Good luck and have fun, sweet friends!

Liz Demos said...

Best of luck girls! I wish I could join you. I can't wait to hear all the details when you return.


Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

It was so fun to visit your tent at the CL Fair! By far it was one of my favorite booths~ your tent was AMAZING!!! I loved the scalloped edges and the big FAIR sign~ such wonderful details- just like with your packaging!! In fact on Saturday I was unpacking all of my finds and I took a minute to admire my velvet rickrack in the pretty cello bag w/ your lovely little emblem sticker- so fun! I hope despite the rain you had a good turn-out throughout the weekend. Good Job!
~Jenelle O'Malley