CL Fair 2008 Peek Inside our Tent

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So much "behind the scenes" at this year's
CL fair and I will let Darcy elaborate.
I'm going to bed, zzzzzzzzz! {k}
Please check out these funny blogs
that have a great posting about the fair.
These are our new friends and we're
going to get together somewhere and
not work at all. Shopping and coffee
and lots of it.
Thanks for the memories, ice cream, and dinner!
jeanne at bushel and a peck

beth of chic junk
kasey of Lola B's {she's now moonlighting as a tent representative}

Sad thing is we were either wet with sweat or rain {I'm not kidding either} and so tired during this venue we didn't get pictures of other booths and pics of our evening out. Thank goodness for Kasey and her fancy camera she took care of that. {Hey, Kasey can you send pics of all of us out for dinner and the ice cream photo!}


Kasey said...

Gee, thanks guys for the awesome comment you left me!
Your sweet shop was a show stopper btw.
And, I will also be needing comments from the general public for the book!

Scrappy Jessi said...

just darling!!
wish i was there.
so many fun treasures.

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Your little shop was by far the best. I got a small chance to walk around the morning of the hurricane, and you or Kasey would be my pick as the best...for what it's worth. We sure had some laughs! Yes, we do need to have some fun without all of the drama...and square dancing!

ccbelle said...

I attended the fair on Saturday and your little "country" booth was the first place I went. I travelled all the way from Wisconsin and it was definitely worth it! Thank you for inspiring all of us blog readers. You guys made my trip. Wish I had purchased the was sooo beautiful with the kale.

Jeanneoli said...

It was so amazing to meet you guys and spend an eveing laughing and sharing! I wish I would have had more time to browse your beautiful tent....the rain,heat and hurricane kind of got in the way of that!

Jane said...

your booth looks delightful!

Teresa said...

Sounds like fun, drama and all- maybe next year I will get to go- a girls got to have a dream :}

Katie Runnels said...

Oh! Your tent is GorGeouS and I love your Store Prize Ribbon!! What a sweet idea! Thanks so much for sharing your photos the sad sacks like me who couldn't be there! xoxo

hyein said...

Your tent was So beautiful.
I can't wait to visit the Greenville store someday.

Lisa said...

What a great tent filled with so many wonderfully packaged goodies.