Plan A, B or C?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All I know is we did it!! Athena of Latina's Mexican Cuisine said she filled 4 receipts books & started a 5th one---so that means in just counting the 4 books that is 400 people.  Only 2 months of planning & voila we had the largest party we've ever had in our.front.yard.

We are able through HIM..........

Blessings to everyone who added their creativity to those 2 days. It was a social event too--chatting with dear people.

Now--the famous questions "Are you going to do it again"? Well, I wasn't planning on having a yearly event, but we'll pray about this!  Let me get through the Christmas season, as that begins Nov. 1st on our Etsy shop......then we'll go over plan A, B or C!



alee said...

looks lovely my dear :)

vicki said...

I sure hope you have the Event again. It was like a "Petite Country Living Fair." Loved it

deborah said...

I think a yearly event is definitely a great idea, even though I am too far away! Of course, I can say that because I didn't have to do any of the work!!

Sue said...

Your event was just so fantastic! I really enjoyed the couple of hours that we spent there, perusing the goodies over and over.... And I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you- it's a small world- funny that we both knew Donna from Horton's. Your event could be just like hers! Not too big, but with even more great vendors than you had this time! I'll even offer my planner extraordinaire services! LOL
Hope you'll consider hosting another event! :-) Sue