Found & Finished

Friday, September 9, 2011

{F O U N D}

 I found this today; a vintage, near perfect wastebasket. Love the size! Also, for those of you that have dress forms, in this case mine has spring-loaded shoulders that move in & out for proper couture fittings. I thought my Zach had damaged it after toppling it over {proceeding to sit on her shoulder, per Luke} and Mrs. Bust was out-of-shape! My husband figured out the spring-loading mechanism when fixing it. I was tickled :)

{F I N I S H E D}

 Vendor name tags done!!! The supplies I had on hand & that makes me happy, less lists as I forget stuff even with lists! For some of the food vendors I glued a pin on the back. So happy to have this task done. I still have a lot of pricing to do.
Simple & fun.......


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!!!

andrea creates said...

wish i could have been a vendor this year~we will try and stop by as customers though :)is there an address/times posted for the event?

kecia said...

darling name tags!