A Visitor & A Contest

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The lady of this house visited our store 2 weeks ago! I'm not going to mention names as we feel silly! Darcy was working that day and she even sent an e-mail with lovely thoughts about her visit. We love positive comments! A certain fabric designer sent her in. She drove all the way to the "middle of nowhere"! What a compliment! Their previous home was featured in Country Living as well as this one. We love her style. She has a knack for putting "found" things in her home. Needless to say we could move right in!

{Now this calls for a contest}
Tell us her name {the lady of this house} and the name of the fabric designer that sent her in.
Both of them live in central Ohio. We gave enough clues above and we know one of you will figure it out! We won't post comments until the contest is over which will be Friday morning at 10:00 am EST.

We'll mail out a prize to the winner!

Good Luck!

photo: Country Living Magazine


julie - eab designs said...

I love contests, they're so much fun. I'm going to guess that the fabric designer, Amy Butler, sent Monique Keegan over to your store. I'm a Country Living subscriber and her home is beautiful! Happy Holiday!!

Wendy said...

Well, that would have to be Monique Keegan and Amy Butler.

cupcake studio said...

I'm going to guess that the lady of the house is: Monique Keegan and the lovely fabric designer that sent her in is Amy Butler.
Merry Christmas, Ladies!

Debra said...

Hi Gals, I think this would be Monique Keegan from Granville , Ohio, and her designer friend Amy Butler. Great article from the October issue.
Love your blog.
Debra Oliver from Leola's Antiques in Ozark Mo.

Lola Enchanted said...

I know my brain isn't working but is Amy Butler the designer? And I can't think of the lady's name...


Kasey said...

seriously, i know i'm going to win:)
1- Monique keegan owns that awesome home.
2- our favorite fabric girl is Amy Butler.
I win. I win. I win.
p.s. is that why you hung up on my today?

Cathy said...

Monique Keegan owns the house and I bet Amy Butler sent her in!

Thanks for having a contest!

Morgan Coy said...

was it Amy Butler?

diane reeves said...

I love contests....would the lovely visitor be Monique Keegan?

Jen Kershner said...

I think it was Monique Keegan that came to visit and she was sent by Amy Butler.

Jill Elaine said...

Well girls the picture of the house on your blog matches the one in Country Living of Monique Keegan's house in Granville Ohio. I would say it was Amy Butler who sent her in. How exciting to meet someone from the pages of a magazine!
Jill Flory

Catherine Lloyd said...

Monique Keegan & Amy Butler

(the way you worded that little challenge was quite enticing!)

Diane E said...

The home belongs to Monique Keegan & she was referred by Amy Butler - love both of their styles!

Anonymous said...

Guess the picture will have to do~~

Olivia Coy said...

It is Kaysey who stopped by from Lola B. Boutique and Amy Butler sent her your way.


jackie peters said...

The fabric designer would be Amy Butler and the only designer featured in the December issue would be Kevin Reiner......and he was from Granville, Ohio. No mention of a Mrs. so I don't know if this is correct.

b.ellen said...

ok I think I can join in because of my crazy visual memory( remembering the CL Article from oct.)!
The vistor :: Monique Keegan and the Fabric Designer :: Amy Butler, both live in Granville , OH -a darling town. love beb

Anonymous said...

I don't know who owns the house but I'm guessing that Amy Butler is the fabric designer that sent her there!
-Natalie Long

Pam said...

So- the fabric designer is Amy Butler and the house belongs to Monique Keegan.

Leslie said...

yippee....I know the names!! Monique Keegan, homeowner; Amy Butler, fabric designer. Please enter me into the giveaway, and remember the reason for the Season!

Gail Kramer said...

I know Amy Butler is the fabric designer. Give me a minute to come up with the gal's name who owns the house!

Gail Kramer

Gail Kramer said...

I know the fabric designer is Amy Butler! I remember reading the article and loving the house. Give me a minute and I'll come up with it!

Gail Kramer
(Ohio girl living on the east coast!)

Gail Kramer said...

It's me again! It's Monique Keegan - she's the owner of the house on the hill! I knew it was Amy Butler as the fabric designer.

Us Ohio girls have to stick together!

Oh, please pick me! (Am I being too obnoxious? I'm just so excited I know the answers!)

Thank you.

Gail Kramer

Anonymous said...

Is it Lola B's or "Kasey". Was the fabric designer Amy Butler? Just guessing. Marti Ledington

Michelle M White said...

Amy Butler!!!

Michelle M White said...

Amy Butler!!!

mysisterscloset.blogspot.com said...

hi girls-
the house belongs to Monique Keegan, and probably amy butler sent her in!!

merry christmas!
anne mckinney

mysisterscloset.blogspot.com said...

hi girls-
Monique Keegan is the lad of the house, and amy butler probably sent her in :),,you are well worth the trip!