Breaking News!!!! The Staplers are Coming!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How Exciting!
The staplers are coming before Christmas they tell us! If you would like to be on our order/wait list, please e-mail us and we let you know the moment they are available on the website. Thank you for your patience.

Our e-mail is
Kara & Darcy


Jeanneoli said...

Taunting again with the stapler. I've been wanting one of them FOREVER. I sent Kasey on a mission to get me one...she came home empty handed. She should have stolen the one off your counter. Please sweet ladies..put me on the waiting list:-)

Birds of a Feather said...

hi girls!

everyone NEEDS one of these staplers! i think i use mine everyday.

hope all is well, wishing you peace, love, joy and prosperity this season and in the new year!
xo heidi

angela liguori said...

Hello kara,

Thank you for your comment on the blog!
It is nice to see more of your shop and family life!
talk to you soon and best wishes,