Sailing O'er Life's Oceans

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We were able to get a few details done today at the shop. Sara brought in gifts for us...... much needed tablets. Honestly there was no paper to write on, well I mean civilized tablets not printer paper! She also decoupaged our fun paper on clip boards---no excuses, we can be organized!
Thanks Sara for the treats.

Darcy was detailing the swans and we came up with "sailing o'er life's oceans"! We just received shipments this past week of fun things! Our shirts from France and PJ's, deck out with polka-dots, stripes....oh la la! We received lots of moss-y pots and little fun nests.
Come on in! We won't disappoint!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

OK, maybe this is a funny question, but I am so curious about something in the second picture down on this looks like a colored sketch of a pretty chair with a pink-tinted bird on top...what is that and is it for sale? Lovely shirts and pj's, too!! So wish I could visit your store in person!

cindy said...

Love that little swan and those lovely lanterns! So cute!


Anonymous said...

looking good!!
I would love to have one of your
wonderful green/brown Logo
(and i may visit some time)
I'll have to call soon about the shirt!
all good wishes,
~Connie Govea Stuart


I saw your article in Country Living and thought I HAVE TO GO THERE - how exciting to find your "blog"....I will visit often as I think you gals have the most "unique" idea of everything to you. Judy