Give us this day our daily bread

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I just wanted to share this with friends. We are fast approaching Easter and want to focus on this time of year as it means a lot to us. I don't want to go on and on but I do believe as I stumbled on this I want to share it with you. Have a blessed day and let me know what your thoughts are. I just wanted to do better this morning with my walk with Jesus Christ. I hope this makes your day! (After you go to the link, you can print Nancy's message to really study these thoughts, believe me I need to!)


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing- gave me a lot to think about- I know I'm so very blessed with more than I need...and I need to remember to look up more often then I do. :}

Pam said...

Fabulous link! Good reminder and great perspective. This is very easy to lose site of.

Jill Flory said...

We all need to take a step back now and then and remember 'give us THIS day...' Don't worry about the future today is enough to think about. Jesus knew this. He knew we would all struggle with this. He also wants us to seek HIM EVERY DAY, not just for an hour or 2 every Sunday morning.
He loves us, He wants all the glory, and HE IS OUR COMING KING!!!!
Praise HIS name!

Amber said...

Thanks for this - what a great reminder! I just printed it out :-)

jenny said...

Thanks for sharing. I am just thankful that Jesus never leaves us in our walk when we aren't perfect. I am so thankful for His grace and compassion. It makes me want to be more and more like Him.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Kara,
I get Nancy's devotional every day via email and I've been a fan of her for years and years. I've thought about this matter of acquiring "stuff" quite a lot during the years I've had my store, wondering if it is a Godly pursuit, this business of selling "pretties" for the home. When I get in a funk over it all, feeling somewhat guilty for selling what will ultimately burn, I do get encouraged by family and friends. After all, we as Christian women in the business world have special opportunities and a "voice" that we wouldn't otherwise have. We are in a position to encourage other women while at the same time providing things of beauty to enhance their homes. God created beauty and gave us a world of color, not a world done only in shades of blacks, whites and grays. So, when I'm tempted to feel my business is futile at best, I remember that I am not just peddling "things", I'm equipping women to make beauty in their homes and lives. What do you think?
Thanks again for your boldness in your faith and the willingness to merge both.

Krista said...

Thanks for sharing the devotional. Faith is quite an adventure. It's fun, exciting, thrilling and strengthening -- but only if we let go and let God be God in our lives. This is a lesson that I've been learning moreso recently than ever before. He is my Father, my Savior, my King, my Hero but only if I let Him. Love your blog. Can't wait to see the web store. It's nice to know I have a sister in Christ way out next to No Where.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Kara, when I get home I will listen to this and print it out, it sounds inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing it and your boldness in your faith! That is such a blessing. I appreciate it.

I'm in NYC right now! Yeah, I brought my laptop! We went to ABC Home, and it was amazing! Thanks so much for recommending it. The colors and textures and furnishings were all just eye-popping! I took some photos so I will share them on my blog when I get back.

Ok, back to sightseeing after my little coffee break!