Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bernard Storm & Fritzie 1908 {Matt's handsome Great-Grandfather}

Two days ago we decided to set up in the FOLK/BARN presented by FOLK magazine. Crazy as it seems to be doing this at the very last minute. Indeed we are in the Goat Barn, haha makes me chuckle. The main thing that pops in my head is  Maria in The Sound of Music singing "The lonely Goatherd". Who knows maybe McMaster & Storm will find a very cute vintage puppet theater for our space. {one week before, sure thing!} It is a very cute goat barn and the side windows pop open.

All I know is I won't be yodeling in the goat barn.....more like guzzling sipping coffee. Maybe I'll buy a Maria style whistle to boot!{ hmmm} Here is one of my favorite Design * Sponge's living in: the sound of music inspiration for fans!

Thanks to my friend Anne, who called me out of the blue 2 weeks ago and mentioned this event within an event. She will be close to me and if we are really nice our spaces might be right next to each other. Hoping for the latter......

Anyway, there is some vendors coming from the East Coast & the West Coast.
Check it all out here & here 
The Vintage Marketplace & Junkmarket will be going on as well.
See you soon!

Tomorrow the French Hen Farm sale starts! Lots of fun things going on!


Anne Marie said...

of course...that last minute decision sounds like a good one

and that picture - the b/w - that is such an amazing picture it

have a great time!!!!

Jill Elaine said...

You are NOT buying anything new for this even. You are NOT buying anythign new for this event.
You have tons of great stuff - you will get rid of tons!
Hopefully I will see you there.
And don't forget I said to call me if you need help. Don't try to do it all yourself and burn out.
I can even stay home from the event and keep your kiddos. Just tell me when and I'll come pick them up.

Vintage Living Magazine said...

That photo really is nice! Best wishes for robust sales.

Anonymous said...

I miss the Springfield Flea Market so much since we moved! Nothing like that down here in Georgia.

Randi said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous above...yikes!

koralee said...

So fun....the term "goat barn" does make me smile ...what fun you will have. Wish I could pop over to this lovely sale.
I love love Maria's song...just what I needed to hear this morning.
Thank you for visiting me the other day....I always love popping in over here...pure joy. xoxoxo