Make a Vintage Looking Carnival Banner

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 {picture by Karen Brady}
 Folk Magazine Show at the Springfield Extravaganza {note 1}

Catching up on "stuff" that meets you at home when you unload your cargo. Orders that need to go out are almost finished. The kiddos are cleaning {or at the moment they are opening tubs acccck} Ok, that is under control now.

Karen Brady took this picture {thank you}. Luke was happy to be there on Saturday; he was--
1. the security guy/// "you must pay before you take that tray." Oh, my.
2. The salesman//// "You must buy all this stuff on top of the cart, then you can buy the cart"
3. The entertainer/// telling good stuff to folks he didn't know.
{always a good thing to have a 6 year old help you sell.}

lots of folks wanted to buy ours--{really nothing to "make" just buy & dye! :) }
1. Go to Hobby Lobby {party aisle}
2. Purchase their cloth carnival printed banner, complete with a cute rope. It's wide maybe 4-5 feet & 12" to 15" high. {if you have a coupon it's around $6.00}
3. Tea dye it {tea bags, use hot water, swish in your sink until desired color. I swished then let it sit in the tea dye bath for 20 minutes.}
4. Dry in the sun and hang in your booth, embellish a party or put in a kids room! The font is really cute!

I have more photos to put up from the show........


Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

Too funny about Luke! What a great salesman! Love your Carnival banner...looking forward to seeing more pics from the show, you always have the best displays!!

Jill Elaine said...

I can just hear Luke! Wish I could have been there just to experience it!

Susan Baldwin said...

Precious picture! I would love to make a banner like this but we don't have a Hobby Lobby here and I couldn't locate it on the website.

Brady Bears Studio said...

Hi Kara,

Hope you have recovered from the show! I found a banner at the Hobby Lobby here at home. Yay! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics from Springfield. I will be posting mine on my bog soon!

Take care,
Karen :)

Sue said...

Sorry to have missed seeing you, Kara- I shopped on Friday and worked a friend's booth space on Sat. I stopped by on Sunday afternoon, but no one was in the booth. I think your husband may have been loading up. Maybe next time! :-) Sue

deborah said...

I think Luke would've been a terrific salesman!!

The carnival banner is terribly cute!

Miss B. said...

Lol, I bet you did great with your helper there. That banner, seriously? You could sell them on Etsy for quadruple, it looks like a true vintage find!

Jerusalem Greer said...

oh I love that banner! And I have a 7 year old that I am sure would love to be helpful : )