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Saturday, February 11, 2012

 {here she is without drawers put in!}

 but, she won't fit up your stairs! Indeed I had measured the incline of our stairs wrong, very wrong. This piece has kept me busy this week... I spotted her in a favorite digging place, and had a "hold" tag put on her. {Right after I spotted her}  The drawers, all 24 of them are what we need to accomplish some of the store's bigger goals this year. However, the goals need to get finished upstairs in the shipping/inventory room, not in the dining room. Our upstairs windows are big enough for it to go through, however, that will be a chore.for.somebody. Anyway, we swept, wiped down & put a good coat of polish on all of the drawers that seriously keep cloning themselves.

The drawers are what sold this shop girl on's easier to keep organized with drawers. Currently we have stacked boxes and every time you go to get something it's awkward to say the least. Plus, the drawers have glass fronts surround in aged brass, with darling pulls.

What: Vintage Rike's Department Store cabinet with drawers. {Dayton history, love it}
When: Circa 1940's
Where: Dayton, Ohio

love, love old department store display fixtures.

scene from 2/1/09...gathering and delighting in evening lamp glow.
{what is it about the remains of the day? maybe it's grasping all the sweet remnants that are left?}

Friday, 2/10/12, arrived with a flurry of the usual school morning hustle & bustle. I felt a strong urging to get the crock-pot going before bus time. That never happens. {Chicken, sweet potatoes, apples & a surfeit of spices, simple yet tasty. }
 By mid-morning a friend stopped by and we sat and enjoyed mid-winter's frolic by chatting by the fireside. I felt a presence telling me to reach out instead of holding back. What are we scared of anyway?

By late afternoon I was in a homemaking flurry of baking this no- knead bread.  {I haven't baked homemade bread in years.} Must be the weather? Luke was asking for it and so wanted to surprise him after a long school day. I had went to the grocery on Thursday and was happy I did. {see why next}
By late afternoon another friend called and her husband was out of town and wanted to do something. Coincidentally, my mother had told me the day before in regards to her being without her hubby this weekend.  I had a tugging at my heart that I should call her on Friday to see if she wanted to come over, and she called me first! Goodness, I had been to the grocery, crock-pot was a simmering, salad ingredients in the fridge and she had a dessert made. Voila! Dinner is served and the more the merrier! {& louder :) }
See? That is what make our days sweeter, brighter and joyful. I can choose to be frustrated or really see how life's days are beautiful. Sweet.

Have a lovely weekend!


fleurcottage said...

listening to one's spirit is a good thing! what a lovely day for you! Esther

deborah said...

I want to see a picture of the drawers! They sound darling!

So often I wish I could go with the flow a little better. I'm quite sure I miss out on good times sometimes.

pam inoregon said...

i loved this post. It's lovely and poetic, and convicting me to reach out to someone. As a single person I tend to hold back, thinking that everyone else already has a life, instead of taking a chance, or putting forth the effort to reach out, and share mine. Thanks for the good reminder to be listening and obeying that still small voice inside!

Barb H. said...

Lovely post! My Grandmother was a beautician at Rike's for years. Thank you for the creative inspirition and beauty you provide through your blog. My mom lives very close to you in Arcanum and I'm just south in Phillipsburg!