Vivi's 1st Birthday Party

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vivi Miette almost one, August 22nd. I took her pics a wee bit early, when you're a mom to 3 it's just that way--otherwise 5 years would fly by! :)

When it comes to parties I have lots of ideas, but only 2% of them get executed. Crepe paper looks fine
rolled up on the table. Ribbon is peachy draped through the chandelier. Dollar General finds look great with Trader Joe's goodies. { Thank goodness I went to TJ's on Monday that task was done early.}

The day of the party, Saturday, I went to the grocery to get some basics that were needed. Big mistake and I know this! Always do your grocery shopping 1 day ahead.  I flew after getting home. Don't have time to wrap your daughter's present? Display it! Arranging containers of Dollar General assorted candies is quite fun. No time for treat bags? Let them bag their own. A young fellow at the party asked if he needed to pay for the candy. Story goes my Luke was playing candy store!

 No time to bake a cake? No worries, chocolate torte cake  compliments of TJ's! Add some hydrangea petals and they sing! Don't have time to finish the laundry? Don't sweat it!  Good friends don't mind the pile of laundry in the bedroom, just post a "no trespassing" sign on the door! {I didn't really stick a sign, other moms totally understand laundry piles!}

The table was set and the food was out in a jiffy & we had cake!
We sang and celebrated her first year.......

Our one-year- old happy as can be--
she is a joy, a blessing from above! 

 Remember my baking episode in trying French macaroons for the first time. Well, my dear friends I
think TJ's French macaroons make up for it. Since they are about .45 cents a piece, I just might truly throw in the towel and forget about making them again!

Childhood is magical. The joy they get out of simple things; running, blowing plastic whistles and party blowers do just the trick.

Miss Viv liking her cake and about ready to get a bath.
{and the dress a dose of stain remover!}

Zach enjoying every bite, that evening.......

Hop & a skip, blink-of-an-eye they grow up.
Evenings like this make time stand still.

From Grandma Karen--the bakery where I discovered that Miette was a girl's name.......Meg Ryan's creations all in a book that has scalloped pages. Thanks Meg! {hmmm, there is that recipe in there for French macaroons, just maybe I will try again!}Maybe.


marti k said...

your children are just precious and your girlie well, she just must taste like sugar!

Susan Woods said...

Wow, so, so lovely, but I expected nothing less. Love your daughter's name. Thank you for sharing!

Jill Elaine said...

She is so adorable Kara. It was fun to be at her party! Great food, great treats, great decor, great company, loved it all. And it was a highlight to get to give her a bath to clean her up after her cake:) It's been years since my babies were that little!

andrea creates said...

so sweet-it all looks wonderful!
my daughter and i tried to make macaroons recently-and they didn't turn out well at all ;)

alee said...

What a dear K!& how fun to peek at her party!I too love her name ;)!
{& I have been coveting that cookbook- mainly due to the scallop pages!}Blessings!

Crush Widow said...

Your life looks beautiful and magical. Thanks for sharing!

jackie said...

She is a little doll!

Susan Baldwin said...

Kara, a year already gone by! Vivi is a beauty, and her 1st birthday party is filled with such charm and love. What a loved baby girl she is! Beautiful! xoxo

PPI said...

She is looking adorable. I love her very much. Thanks for sharing her birthday party with us!

1st birthday invitations said...

You are so adorable lovely girl! The food preparations are amazing!