Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New "old" table takes center stage....Brick Farmhouse Event 9/23 & 9/24
The harvest table, gather around dear friends........

Almost midweek and pausing to thank those who are helping behind the scenes--event is one month away.

My husband for building the table, a massive table built totally out of salvaged lumber. Thanks to St. Vincent's Deconstruction depot and our neighbors, the Stewart's for the barn beams from a building they were tearing down! Galvanized carriage bolts and tons of wood preserver + my husband's handiwork keep this table together. We wanted this table to sit year round between our old mulberry trees. 

{& to my husband again for painting, planting & going along with it.  The list is slowly, but surely getting crossed off.}

Katie Runnels for sending me an email just when I needed it! Your talent is amazing and so fun to work with.

Darcy for helping with the verbage about doing the laundry on our flyer. She also headed to a warehouse with me to "dig" and both my boys went along. On the bridge in Cincy, a delivery truck ran into us. EEEEK,  no one was hurt, thankfully. {except our car, eeek} Police said car was fine to drive on and what an adventure and a long day.

Jill for helping with the photo shoot and a zillion other things. 

My mother-in-law who has always picked up my kidlets on Wednesdays ever since Luke was born.
It takes a village as they say.

My mom & dad for letting me dig in their barns.....

To our amazing vendors! From fresh Mexican tacos as authentic as the chef Athena is, to industrial style to home keeping goods to vintage finds and lots in between! As our flyer states "hats off to vendors selling a mix of things new & old"! {& they are nice as pie to boot!}

An event is not complete without shopping, eating & snacking and shopping--you get the point.
Looks like we'll even have entertainment Friday evening!! Some music & singing to celebrate!
{We have 4 vendors making -and- baking- and- making- and -baking! Plenty of good eats.}

Wrapping up a million and one things these next couple of days as McMaster & Storm has a 20x20 tent to fill! We need to get seeds pronto for fall planting in our garden as some vendors will be "in the garden"........

Oh, let's not forget demonstrations! More on that later.......


Anne Marie said...

I'm so helping you promote this...sounds perfect!!!

alee said...

this looks so fun!I am so wishing that I could be there!