Mostly Done Laundry Room

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Laundry room waiting on the last two things:
sink needs to be installed {most likely after our event :) }
the back door painted.
{slate grey}

Waiting on a sink where ironing board is, I found one
digging in my dad's barn it needs some work, but I think 
it's the look I want!

Love work boots! 

My tool box--from my mom Christmas 2010. One of my favorite gifts.

"Limelight" Hydrangea

I caught up with Tracey this past weekend, a fun chat--fun to meet up!
One of 3 of my top favorite flowers.

& for Tracey too!


d. reyné said...

This is so cute!
I really lover the little writing desk! What a clever idea!
It looks like you are really enjoying the process as well!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...


i am going to redo our laundry room with open shelving, too. yours is such inspiration and LOVE those safety pins! fab!!


Tracey said...

Hi Kara! It was so fun to meet up with you on Saturday, and your wonderful husband as well! I really enjoyed our chat!! Your laundry room is amazing and I'm more than a little bit jealous :)) Your limelights are gorgeous! Mine are doing good and I am going to take your advice and buy some of the other varieties that you recommend this Fall.

Your brick farmhouse is beautiful!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

online plant nursery said...

I love old farmhouses! It shows you got a touch and feel for classic 1920's era. From the photos of what the child was wearing to your decorating, it shows you have a live for antiques! And So do I.

Garden Plants said...

One thing about having a brick home, the winds can huff and puff and it's not going anywhere without a tornado. The looks of it in a farm house design looks nice and elegant too. I enjoyed the pics. The little girl looks like she stepped out of Vogue!