Happy New Year

Friday, January 1, 2010

 We do wish you a wonderful 2010! May we all accomplish our goals this year.  Tomorrow is organization mania here in the shipment/inventory room. We have officially bitten off more that we can chew. We'll see you after a mini break and meanwhile think of us getting tangled in packing tape! 2010---ready, set, GO!!



andrea creates said...

Happy New Year :)
Sorting and organizing is something I must get to as well!

Jen Kershner said...

I'd much rather be sorting and organizing than cleaning. Want some help?

I was window shopping at your store last night. You have some great stuff right now. I feel an order coming on! I was wondering if you will be getting the Scallopini Scissors back in stock soon.

I'm headed to Midland for the first time ever on Wednesday. I'm so excited to go. I'll be thinking of you! Jen

koralee said...

Have fun....I would be in heaven working around all that amazing inventory of yours...off to check out your shop....have not done that for awhile!

Mara Farmer said...
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