Looking Back

Thursday, December 31, 2009

{Picture Ryan Benyi for Country Living}
This is one of our favorite pictures.
Our trademark "petite packages"!

& TA-DA, thank you Country Living for mentioning a product from
our wee little website boutique! We are shipping orders out as fast as we can!

Creamy colored tent at Country Living Fair with dashes of color here & there. We lined the tent with our trademark scalloped drop cloths . I was desperate to add texture to the boring white tent side walls!  Our favorite "petite merchandise" displayed in our clutter-y, piled high style!

Details, Details taking buttons and fastening with red bakery twine onto thread
cards. {Darcy' brilliant idea}

We do hope you had  a lovely Christmas! A flurry of presents, Starbucks, shopping the day after, Chinese food {a must after Christmas!}, & being with family. 



b.ellen said...

What stunning photos!! I clicked over to her flickr. she decked her home out beautifully for the season.

btw to bad she couldn't edit out that funny person in the middle one...

(= Fun memories

alee said...

Yay - for you! I "noticed" your name in the new CL mag! These pictures make me yearn for warm spring days :)
Blessings to you both as we head into another New Year!