Wednesday, November 4, 2009

outside, that is........I'm going nuts. My house needs organized. I'm on a mission, need to get business props, inventory & supplies in order. You should see me hunting for things I need to would laugh! I'm calling in the *troops*. Do you think Martha would be so kind to send her staff over to help me? I think the perfect give-away for the Martha Stewart empire would be "win an organized house"!

I have 3 excuses
1. I was selling a cuckoo clock on Jan31st {closing our brick & mortar shop} at 2pm and went into labor that very early next day.
2. I had very little sleep the first 3 months after Zach was born.
3. I have a baby & I'm still potty training my almost 4 year old Luke.
The end.



alee said...

I'd say your excuses are fairly good ones :)...I know by the end of next week I will be feeling your pain! I tend to work well under pressure but leave a path of destruction behind! There is individuals that can come in & organize your home {minimal fee of course :)} But hey--How much is your sanity worth??? :)

Anonymous said...

You have VERY good excuses Kara! Your boys come first. And I guarantee you that you will be more organized again as they get older. And just to make you feel better, my house is driving me CRAZY! This kids have stuff everywhere, floors all need a good mopping, and I'm sewing instead of cleaning:)
oh yes, decide what day you want me to help you, i'll come over and we will whip your house into shape! Sounds fun, I'll help you clean and decorate for Christmas. Deal??? And I have my car back so any day will work. You decide!
see ya soon!

Anonymous said...

you are forgetting the "only Today" concept :) Just kidding-but I can relate to the clutter thing-we all have it. When I lose all my pairs of scissors, I know I'm done!!

Tracey said...

Hi Kara! You're so funny...I would say you have some pretty darn good excuses for being a little disorganized! I find that when I get behind on keeping things in order, it just gets harder and harder to get back to organized...I like your idea of Martha and her team coming over :)

Hope everyone is doing good!

:) T

Kasey said...

i'm always behind..

Suzy Q said...

And then when I do a big clean, I can't find my stuff for days! Hang in there!