Sunday, November 15, 2009

{Country Living}

 Last week entailed buying a claw foot tub for $99 bucks. Brand.Spanking.New.
The shipping was more than double, but a steal compared to the regular price. My husband Matt came home and made some sort of statement how did you find this tub again? I was looking at an old Domino magazine and they had featured some brackets available through Van Dyke's Restorers. I checked it out and came across their 90% off section and lo and behold-- a claw foot tub. {cast iron} We need to re- glaze our current claw foot hippo-of-a-tub & after finding out what that cost, this deal couldn't be beat! Plus, I was able to get a cool faucet for $19.99 regular $214.00. They had other $649.00 faucets for a tub, shower combo marked down to $64.00 and it was cute. I didn't need that so I passed on it.

Well, the contractor shows up this week to go over our storage dilemmas and I have a list. My list doesn't match Matt's list so this shall be interesting. {should we have a marriage counselor come too?}

I have been weeding through 10 years of magazines that I have saved. I have ripped out pages and have neat little stacks to put in binders. I'm so happy to have this almost accomplished. Wow, talk about freeing some room up in the attic. I saved all the Domino magazines since they are no longer, I just didn't have the heart to throw them out!
I haven't been posting as we have been busy with web store and getting ready for this house project. I will show before and after pics when it's all done. 



Kasey said...

i need one for my new farmhouse;-)

Sonnie Sue said...

What a great bargin! Good Job! I can't wait to see the before and after pictures of your project.

Jeanneoli said...

Oh my goodness....when did your fabulous blog makeover happen? It looks incredible!! That tub is not too bad either:-)

Birds of a Feather said...

Lucky you! Hope you give us all a show & tell after it's all done.

Just wanted to say thank you to you both for all the sweet goodies you donated to SB ~ amazing! I did not win one of the BIG prizes, but did say, "I really NEED another stapler," and wouldn't you know - I won one, thanks a bunch!

xo Heidi

KC said...

What a deal! Jen sent me your way and I'm glad she did.

I have 10 years worth of magazines too; I need to do some weeding, but I'm with you, the Dominos are staying!

Thanks for your beautiful blog.


Dawn said...

So funny you should mention the magazines! I was going through my old magazines ( I love them!) and came across your story in Country Living from last year. Which led me to this blog. Yea!!
I also have Domino magazines and I'm thinking I'll keep them too. Also my Cottage Living magazine was discontinued. Ugh!
I'm loving your blog:) ---Dawn (Rushsylvania, Ohio)