Curiosities for Friday......

Friday, November 20, 2009

{*1. vintage polka-dot ribbon & petite hand} {*2. Vintage cash register tape}
{*3. Handmade petite book}  {*4. Brass name plague & calligraphy pen} 
 {*5. Vintage store sign}
{*6. Vintage birdies} {*7. Vintage store price stickers}
{from Kara's collection}

***---Smack dab in the middle----***
Minted Rose Lip Balm
Rosebud Salve & Headache relief for the Christmas season.

I went shopping on Tuesday with a dear friend.
We headed south to Cincy and while browsing came upon these darling girl-y tins of salve and lip balm. My friend Wanda squealed, no, I do that, Wanda is cool, calm & collected.
She stated she grew up 2 miles from where these products are made. 
They used the Rosebud salve as children. Newer to the company is the Minted Lip Balm and it is w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l. I love the salve too, I have serious cuticle issues and this is just what the doctor ordered.

Wanda always has the best stories, she grew up in a large family in Maryland. This past summer some of her family was visiting Washington D.C. The men went in one van and the gals in another. {the gals really didn't want to talk about motors, gears, and other manly topics}
Trying to locate the Lincoln Memorial their GPS system lost its signal. Wanda's dad opened the window and stuck it outside to attempt to get a signal. 

A few months later the FBI {not kidding} contacted Wanda's brother {the van was his}. They had questions for him. Someone had reported them that a van was slowly driving in Washington D.C. and a man of Arab descent was holding a camera out and thought he was taking pics of tall building. {I'm cracking up at this point as I know how this happened} Wanda's dad is a German Baptist Preacher and has a longer beard and no mustache. He grew up Mennonite and is not from the Middle East! Wanda's brother called his dad and joked, thanks for getting me in trouble! Although after the FBI did their research they knew what had happened. You never know who's watching!

Now from that subject to Anthropolgie: from one extreme to the other!

Athropologie's mugs wrapped with plaid felt and kraft tag on the handle with pine cones inside. I'm ready for candy cane hot cocoa!
{swoon} polka dotted skirt with layers of scallops {extra swoon}
Puffy tissue balls cut out some laboriously way........piled high! I'm ready for snow! {did I just state that?}

Have a lovely weekend! Thanks Wanda for the fun shopping trip & stories...........