Country Living Fair 2009 {Story no. 1}

Friday, September 25, 2009

Did you know the Spangler Candy Company {since 1906} is located in Ohio? We offered the well-know Dum Dum lollipops as a treat for our customers. Oddly a family came in and told us Mary Spangler goes to their church. She is 90 years old and still runs the church's annual rummage sale and brings candy from the factory for events. We plan to take the kiddos to tour the factory. We grew up with these. Did you? The stories we gather at events across the country. Learning things from other people is a treat in itself.............
Karla, left and Beth next. Judith is missing in this photo, these adorable gals run Bloomsbury Loft in Powell, Ohio. They did an amazing job on their tent space. They have an amazing story of the hard work behind this business. We are keeping our fingers crossed they get to tell you their story in a national magazine. We met them at the first Country Living Women Entrepreneurs Event in Chicago. Since then we both have set up for 3 years at the Country Living Fair. We appreciate them a lot.
Findings---jewelry by Joanna and she is talented! Her work was just featured in Family Circle and will be in Country Living early next year along with home and shop. Her mother, Kathe is involved in gathering goodies for the shop.
Bracelets in a funky, vintage drawer thing-y.
Number bracelet, this is what McKell picked out to buy...........{Darcy's daughter}
Lovely display in Findings booth space...........
Oh, the fun paper goods.
Joanna's mom, Kathe brought lots of Ephemera, vintage goodies and a lot of delightful, petite treasures. They have a shop Summer House in New Jersey. Their style is very edited and museum like. Which we love as our booth is fun to enjoy every one's individuality!
Joanna's bracelets.........just yummy. We sold her bracelets in our shop last year.
Darcy admiring the bracelet that her daughter picked out to wear..........
Kasey from Lola B's Boutique, she has set up the last two years and this year headed to just shop at the Country Living fair. She posted on it here and her most recent post is celebrating her 300th post and is giving away great prizes. Anthro is involved so head over there to celebrate. Cheers to Kasey!

She is kind enough to give us support and called us right before the fair to cheer us on. She knows first-hand the hard work that is involved.

Tomorrow: Willow Nest



andrea creates said...

Hi there- I stopped by your booth and got a few things-but it was very busy ,that's good tho' right?!
Great photos,thanks for sharing.I didn't get to take many.
Take care,

Jeanneoli said...

Want to see photos of your booth!!! Sounds like a great time. Love the number bracelet.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

So exciting - I really look forward to coming to this CL Fair sometime in the near future!

Can't wait to see shots of your booth.

LOVE Kasey!


summerhouse said...

thanks for the GREAT post... we have never been called edited and musuem like... we like it...!
kathe has already started collecting and packaging for the fair next year....

enjoy -
kathe and joanna

ps... we wish that we didnt live so far away....

The Kramer Angle said...

It was nice to meet you at the fair!

Urban Farmhouse said...

Lovely pix! Great post. What an amazing bunch of women you all are! Truly inspiring! Can't wait to see Willow Nest...she was next to me, I could have curled up in the corner and stayed there for hours! Quite charming to talk to as well. Thanks again ladies!