Celebrating 10 Years of Retail Ventures! A Contest!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{Celebrating 10 years of Creative Endeavors}
Marks the time between us, we have either had stores or have helped others in their retail ventures. So many stories, faces and memories. What a grand adventure! Yes, times flies when you're having fun.

Top ones
Kara: Crossing the Oakland Bay bridge to get to the Flower Market at 3:30am. Sharp. To beat rush hour traffic to bring back fresh garlands, wreaths {at Christmas}& plants. Then run the store all day. We lived 1.5 hours from San Fran.

Darcy & I: Getting stuck in the Chicago Gift market {at an off gift show} in the stair well soon after 9/11 and it was weird. Very weird.

Kara: Opening a store in CA with very little money and being incredibly blessed that first year. {man, those economic times were different!}

Darcy: Seeing her husband pound her store sign in the ground.

Kara & Darcy: Taking the BUS instead of the taxi from La Guardia to Manhattan. We still laugh at this one. Hey, it said 20 minutes on the Internet. Try 2.5 hours. OK, really don't laugh too hard at us.

Darcy & Kara: Schlepping on the "long blocks" in NYC in the rain. We literally were drowned rats when we arrived at the Javitz Center. {When people say "oh, it's just right up the way....it could mean a looooooooooong way!}

Kara: Hauling furniture out of the bay area......I used to know how to tie trucker's knots. Now that I'm almost 35 I would be scared to death to do what I used to do. Bizarre, hauling furniture out of warehouses in Oakland and going to San Fran with a trailer. eek. Good thing I never had to back a trailer ever. I would be in trouble. Big trouble.

Darcy & Kara: Granville........lots of coffee. Fun times. Amy Butler's home & studio.

Darcy: Sliding on a stack of tissue paper that Kara had left on the floor. She was carrying an cast iron urn and caught it and the item that flew out of the urn landed back into the urn. ---Somehow Darcy missed the glass topped coffee table and caught that urn. {she's a whiz}

Kara & Darcy: Driving to Atlanta and stopping at all these fun antique stores on the way home.
No kids. Pure bliss.

Kara: Paris & Brussels 2000. Time to go back. Darcy needs to go too. Hmmmmmm. It's been way to long. Vanves flea market. Fabric stores. Crossiants. Interesting people. Meeting a vendor for lunch. People taking pictures of my prayer covering. Not kidding, I had people turn me around and snap away.

Kara & Darcy: McMaster & Storm Brick & Mortar storefront.

Kara & Darcy: The countless vendors we have done business with for 10 years, this leads to something we're giving away. It's been a favorite of ours for 10 years and it's yours if you just post! BUT, we want feedback: a comment of what you would like to see us do, a complaint {we want to know} so have at it. OK, try to be somewhat nice.

We want to keep the giveaway a surprise. Yes, it will be at the Country Living Fair! We're keeping everything under wraps until after the fair and we'll post pics. Also, a lot of the products will be available online after the fair. It's time to update our website for sure. {yes, we know everyone's emailing about this}

Some of you will be traveling from far away to the show.........have a safe trip and we'll see you there. Tent space #108, same area as last year. Next week. YIKES!

Thanks for celebrating with us!
Kara + Darcy


cupcake studio said...

Really enjoyed this post! Great retail memories. I just "met" you a few years ago when I had the pleasure of visiting McMaster & Storm boutique. What a delight!

An idea: I'd love to see you ladies host a mini retreat with crafty classes, of course. Maybe just a Saturday in Greenville...it'd be so lovely!

Will look for you at The Fair...can't wait!

The Kramer Angle said...

Oh my gosh, it was fun to read some of your memories from the past ten years. I haven't met either of you yet (but hope to next week!), but still enjoyed visualizing the trailer driving, slipping and drowned rat memories!

I think your blog needs two things:
More posts on your products and more followers! The rest of the blog world needs to sign up!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Love the idea of the mysterious giveaway! If this is what I have to do to enter, count me in! :)

As far as comments/suggestions... that's hard. I guess if I had to say anything it would be like the other commenter... maybe even more posts and product features. But no matter, it's all good! :)

Have fun at the fair!


Jeanneoli said...

Goodluck girls!!! You are so crazy to do this again...but at least I know YOUR tent will be water proof:-) I LOVED that you shared some of your retail moments....so fun and made me miss you guys. You were made to do what you do...keep it up.

andrea creates said...

Hmm, hard to say...Maybe some more pictures?
Tent 108. I sure hope I can make it.It'll be my first time to the fair:)

Cathy said...

More photos, more frequent posts, ideas of what to do with all the little ephemera you sell :)

Will stop by your tent again this year. Can't wait.

Carol Weimer said...

I love to see and hear about all of your wonderful adventures. I'm sure you're bound to see more fun and build great memories in the years to come.

I'd also like to see you two offer a craft/workshop to people in the OHIO region. So many cool workshops are out of state and we here in Ohio are just as talented and interested in the latest trends. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring. I'll be sure to stop by your booth!

Artfulife said...

Oh congratulations on 10 years! I remember the first time I heard of you, through the Home Companion magazine. Been a fan ever since. The only advice I have would be to keep on doing what you are doing. Love it all. Best of luck at your upcoming show. Wish I could make it & can't wait to see photos.

Jennifer Nelson said...

Your website is so much fun, I was lucky to be able to visit your store a few months before you closed it so I am excited to be attending the CL Fair to see you again. I'm bringing a friend and am looking forward to her seeing your beautiful things. Thanks for doing what you do, your blog makes me smile.

Jill Elaine said...

Have fun at the fair. Wish I could come this year, I really was planning to but...
what i'd like to see?? Hmm... just more of the same great stuff! Maybe the ability to get something you have carried in the past a little easier:)

Tricia said...

Hey girls I hope the fair goes good for you! I wish I could come:( Can't wait to see some pictures!
I guess I would like to see some more of your wonderful decorating ideas!!!
Good luck!!

Gretchen said...

Hello! I loved all of your great stories about being shop owners, I for now can only dream of owning a shop of my own... but someday! I just wanted to tell you of all of the inspiration that your blog has given me to do what I love, creating lovely little things for gifts, for my girls and just for fun. As for complaints, I don't have any, keep those great ideas coming!
See you at the CL Fair!

randee said...

hi - i was so blessed by a visit to your store last year, sometime after the cl fair. darcy, you were so sweet & kind to my husband & me & we brought home so many fun treasures.

this will be my 1st trip to the cl fair & i'm bringing my daughter & my sister. my daughter was married at ohio village, so it's a special spot for us.

i'd love to win anything from you two & we're all 3 looking forward to seeing you.

blessings & peace -


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. I only have two regrets..one that I didn't make it to Ohio to your store before you closed, and two is that I didn't buy the Annie Oakley necklace before it was sold out. More pics and ideas are always nice. This is my first year I am able to make the CL Fair and I Can't Wait!!! I will definitely be stopping by to say hello. Leslie

Kasey said...

fun post.
see you this weekend!


Loved the tour through your retail adventures. Thanks for taking us along!

Wishing you safe travels, tons of fun, and tremendous sales this weekend at Country Living Fair!

Tracey said...

Hey girls!!!!!! Just popping in to say hi and I hope Sunday went good for you and you made it home safe and sound! Hope you're getting some rest. It was so nice to meet you - you all are just about the nicest group of girls I've ever met :) And Kara, please tell your mom I think she is just a sweetheart!

Oh and "hi" to darling McKell also!

:) T