Christmas List.....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wm. Mills & Co.
since 1880

These bags our added to both of our Christmas lists.............have you started yours yet?
As soon as October arrives we'll start shopping. This year we can decorate our houses instead of a store! Usually Darcy & I would be flurrying around on Christmas Eve day wrapping gifts, not joking. We have so much fun with wrapping that this year want to enjoy our work.

Now folks about a McMaster & Storm pop-up-shop.............more on this later.............


Anonymous said...

Are you intending to carry these bag in your on-line store. I treid to get a bag from Mills but they were sold out of the bag I wanted. Aparently they have very small and infrequent production. I want a bag for my husband and I for Christmes gifts, but I need to know who has them available?

Anonymous said...

I went to the Mills site and had some trouble finding what I wanted. I actually called the number they have on their site and they were able to get me what I needed. It only took two days.