Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait......

Monday, January 19, 2009

THIS POSTER........has caused Kara some sleepless nights, no not really as she hasn't been sleeping very well for the last month or so. Ahhh, the joys of her 3rd trimester pregnancy!
Darcy purchased two of these lovely posters for us at last years Country Living fair. They are a Hatch Show print, most likely done on an old press. They are not the typical commercial posters. They have a matte finish & well it's just plain cute. Kara thought that she had totally misplaced this poster or even thrown it away, she kept moaning to her rascal biz partner Darcy about the lost poster {like for 3 weeks}. Kara hunted high & low and meanwhile her husband is rolling his eyes at this silly poster.
She had thought it would be cute hanging in the nursery since it was carnival like and well, just sweet. Alas, no poster, UNTIL Friday when Darcy {the rascal} explains that she finally has Kara's Christmas gift done and is on the way to bring it over. Anyway in comes Darcy through the door with a basket filled with gifts {way too much, girlie!} and Kara proceeds to open her gifts. Two flat objects wrapped to the hilt and ONE IS THIS POSTER. All this worrying....& Darcy proceeded to have it dry-mounted and she stuck these cool over sized grommets and funky grey ribbon from Cheryl Parks-Rogers. MORE BELOW OF THE "TOO MUCH" GIFTS FROM RASCAL DARCY........

THESE PJ'S! I have been sticking these in my cart at Target for the last 3,000 times then taking them out as I go over in my head I don't need these, take them out of the cart now and head to the diaper section and buy what you really need {no, not diapers for me silly-the baby}! These are in the men's section
and are navy & white and oh, so classic
East Coast or whatever {hey, that sounded good you know}!
Anyway the rascal Darcy
had Sara stick my monogram on the pocket {after which Sara took off the pocket to
get the monogram on there}. On the back up @ the top is our Italian alphabet ribbon in a string of K's! These snazzy pj's and the slippers are going in to my hospital bag, they'll perk me up right after delivery {ha}!

Rascal Darcy also had the "sweet treats" poster mounted and
did her grommet thingy and ribbon all tied up for hanging! {I had been moaning that
I didn't have one of these yet & we've been selling them for a year!}
Not to mention my favorite candle, soap and that Mrs. Meyer's
lavender laundry soap tucked into THAT BASKET OF GOODIES.
Oh my, too much.....thanks a bunch....Kara

Oh, and not to forget about these pastry tags that lovely Kasey of Lola B's sent Kara. Kara tied bakery twine through them to add some punch. {bakery twine, pastry tags...get it? I knew you would!}

We hope to shortly {before baby, eeek due date Feb 11th we better get cracking} show you some organization ideas that we've been working on in our own studio/craft/sewing rooms.

Hey, folks you know what it's a better week already. We're on the mend!
Listen up, we'll have new treats on the web hopefully by tomorrow
afternoon! Once again rascal Darcy gave a whistle to Luke in his Christmas present!
Want to know what to give 3 year old boys.... a whistle they'll love you and you'll love them!
{with your hands in your ears of course!}

Love, K&D


Anonymous said...

What sweet gifts - I love the idea of getting the monogram put on the PJ's. And the posters are charming with the grommets and ribbon.

I have to tell you that I have gone through a bit of sadness with your store closing as I won't be able to visit - but continuing your blog and online shop is wonderful. Thank you.

Will be thinking of you all and praying for a happy and healthy delivery for you Kara!

--Vicki K.

Kasey said...

what lovely p.j.'s! they look very East Coast btw!
I'm so glad you liked the tags, as i am getting those up and back in shop this week!

Jill Elaine said...

Great Gift Darcy! My birthday is in May!!!
Just kidding!


Can't wait to find out what you name this sweet little baby, Kara! :)