Creative Space

Friday, January 30, 2009

We posted a while back we were going to show you our rooms where we are going to
create, ship, design, etc. {in other words make a mess} here's Kara's & up soon Darcy's {get busy girlie!}

Cubby holes filled with favorite finds.....

Hues of red, pink and other colors that blend into our favorites.
I haven't gotten to the "tagging" part of the craft room, just
the foundation of where things are placed. There is one wall of total shelves,
that's where the true organization will be as it will hold inventory among
other key things to running a business.

Bigger view of cubby
Sewing basket, {ikea} tied with our alphabet ribbon.

Storage piece

Our fun, practical find........ikea wooden ironing board. Looks very European
but it's new, sturdy, adjustable heights, and place to hold a iron.
They are extra wide, so makes for faster ironing. Need we say more!
The storage basket on ironing board has a simple liner made from a Cote Bastide dish towel,
cut in half, {one for each side} muslin to connect both pieces of dish towel and our colored tight weave ribbon
sewn on the sides to secure. I need to show the one I made for Darcy as well, these liners
are so easy to make!

Our "treat trays" hold envelopes, and supplies in plain sight.

Part of the shelving that holds linens & things!

Our market basket filled to the brim with paper!

Colorful thread on wooden thread organizer.
Easy to see what's on hand.

Funky light for fun....

The table from ikea, softened with a scalloped muslin tablecloth,
made by Sara. Chair also from ikea and a "K" linen over the back...would like to
tie the tight weave ribbon onto linen to actually tie the cover on chair. Chair also needs a
cute seat cushion!

I found this....sewing pad: great measuring markings/ironing pad/with pockets on front
for scissors & sewing necessities. It is a favorite find as it is out of the way
by being on the front of the table and not cluttering up the surface.
I found this at Jo Ann's in the notions aisle.

Favorite calendar that I had saved and just recently had dry mounted!


Anonymous said...

These photos are as fun as the ones of your store displays! It is so much fun to see the beautiful components and tools for your packaging and working. Thank you!
--Vicki K.

Tara said...

Wow what a fun space. I love seeing where others create and "make a mess"...looks great! have fun crafting, selling, shipping...the works!

Kasey said...

looks great Kara.
are you all done packing up???

Mrs. said...

I am sad, sad, sad at the tragic closing of your store. You are very far from me and yet I have made the pilgrimage to that magical place you so flippantly call the "brick and mortar" store, certainly not the words to describe what I saw, filled to over-the-brim with things my heart longed for. I still love the blog, and in fact, I hope you don't mind, but I have linked you to my blog. Best to both of you, but I am still sad, sad, sad.

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Gosh I would love your creative space. As it is now, since I'm always sanding/painting, etc. furniture, my work space is in the garage. It's nice especially with the space heater :) !

By the way, loved reading the other blog entries, I've been out of pocket for a while!

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Looks like you are both going to definitely be "inspired"! I see you are closing your store front? Well, as a store front owner now for over 18 years...I can definitely understand. I only have 2 more years left on the lease and am beginning to wonder if I am ready to take on another path? :)

Good luck ladies....and keep in touch! xo...deb (junkin' yaya)

Jill Elaine said...

I can't WAIT to see pictures of that new baby, Kara!!! And to come see you and the little sweetheart! Saw a picture last night on a cell phone!
God Bless,

Jeanneoli said...

I loved seeing your creative space! I wish I had an IKEA near us because I would be rushing to get that ironing table....did I just say that? I also need your market basket. Hope you are having a great week.

Denise Elizabeth -HopeTreeStudio- said...

Love all the photos. Lovely blog. Denise said...

I love it! Thanks so much for posting your space, I just knew it would be lovely. Miss you guys already!