Display Pieces & Furniture; now with dimensions on most, {closing retail store}

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here are the display pieces for sale
pickup or arrange your own shipping
questions: call 937-548-2100
e-mail mcmasterandstorm@embarqmail.com

Antique, massive, very tall 4 doors from an Indiana Courthouse
{Metal stands, which hold the doors upright are included in the price}
Solid wood, painted. Two of the doors are 118" tall by 40" wide. The other 2 doors are 118" tall by 46" wide.
$1599.00 for the set of 4

Apothecary Displays {includes glass sliding doors not shown}
2 for $2,600.00
Now $1,399.99 for the pair. Each cabinet consists of 2 pieces, a top and a bottom. The dimensions of which are 72"wide by 94" tall, the depth of the top piece is 12" and the depth of the bottom piece tapers from 24" down to 12".

Antique Department Store Dress Shirt Display
Drawers pull out in back
Now $899.99. Dimensions: 96" wide by 36" tall and 28" deep.

Store Counter Display on wood base
Now $299.99. Dimensions (including base) 59.5" wide by 41.75" tall by 29" deep.

Long store display counter 12' long with one shelf
Now $499.99. Dimensions: 144"wide by 34" tall by 28" deep.

Huge Oak Antique file Cabinet
Now $999.00. Dimensions: 69"wide by 72" tall by 12" deep.

Reproduction style European Island w/ drawer

Antique grocery store display
wood & metal on wheels
Now $449.00.
Dimensions: 50.5" wide by 40" tall by 24-12" deep (depth tapers in at top).

Antique Cabinet Made in Bradford, Ohio
Picture of man who made it in the drawer with his name!

Huge Antique White Cabinet w/ 2 glass doors above included
{ glass doors not shown as we took them
off to display}

Aqua 2 drawer chest {nice for entryway, bigger size}

Vintage Birdcage on Stand
Now $269.99

Modern Style
Butcher Block Table w/ stainless steel legs
40.5" High, 23.5" Depth, 71.5 wide


Kasey said...

I so want that butcher block table with legs, what an awsome craft table!
hold that for me girls.......
I'm on my way

Jeanneoli said...

Why do I have to live so far away? Can we arrange truck delivery? I wonder if I could do that. I would be interested in the file cabinet. Is it still available?

Olivia Coy said...

This is sooo sad. I love the store...but being a mom is MUCH more important. So I'll try not to mope too much. :grin:

Tara said...

WOW, what amazing antique pieces, I love the antique grocery store display...so cute in a big ole farm kitchen. I am so glad you are keeping your on-line store open. Best of luck to you both!

jabroon piece said...

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