Bedskirts and other plights

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now that everyone knows we don't sew bed skirts all day---- no, Carla Denlinger from CA you'll need to ask someone else!
What is going on around here?
First off some pics of our wrapping, products & pictures of our
window from last June during the Country Living shoot.
We have a fascination
with crepe paper!
(Kara is tired of the weather so we posted pics from warmer times.) Ohioans must make their own sunshine from time to time.

Our website is coming along, Nick is doing a great job. Products will be ready to go March 1st. We are working on our new color scheme for wrapping, labels, cards and as always sticking to our brand image.
Wrapping is key in our business for those of you who have received packages you know we are serious about this. Ask Jeff King--Darcy did a number with that gift for Jeff's wife. (Hey, Darcy we need to download that pic AND all your pics for this blog, people are mi-sssing out!)

Shipments are on their way from all over to the "middle of nowhere"! We will have the store transformed in no time, with spring-y things & of course a few surprises to add to your experience here.

Saltwater sandal sale update soon........yes, girls they're coming in some new colors and styles for you little cutie pies. Sale will start soon, very soon so watch here for updates.

Now, thanks to everyone who has called, e-mailed, came in to the store & posted this means a whole lot to Darcy & Kara. Kara received an e-mail from a customer she had in California, (Paris Flea Market) what a surprise and a delight to reconnect. To all of you "women entrepreneurs" out there and those who dream of this, we wish you all the best. It is possible to own a store and still raise a family, cook, fluff the house and above all serve Jesus Christ. We love you all & to each of you, now is the time to go after your dreams. God gives us talents & we need to use them not only for ourselves but for others as well. Keep in touch. xoxoxox K&D


LivLife said...

I love you guys' store! I feel sorry for all of those who live far away and can't come see it for themselves and meet you guys. I've actually only met Darcy but I'm sure your just as fun to talk to Kara. My sister and I stopped in the other day and I brought some fabric and ribbon for a bag I am sewing. Love the sale closet. Olivia

Anonymous said...

Hey girls! I FINALLY got my CL!! It's so fun to see you in there!
I like the pics from last summer. Your store was absolutely perfect for that photo shoot! I loved how full it was without being too much. Can't wait to see your new colors of saltwaters, I'm very ready to wear sandals again!!
See you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally my CL came today. Are we the last to get them here in Ohio?
And a two page spread with question and answers!!! Congratulations. I discovered your store last summer during Annie Oakley Days. I fell in love with the white measuring cup that I didn't buy that day and desired for months afterwards. I got back up your way this past December, but alas you didn't have them anymore and didn't know if you would be able to ever get them again. Let that be a lesson to never put off until tomorrow what you want today. My college age son was with me and when we left he paid you what I think was the ultimate compliment. "That's what I want my wife to do...have a shop like that, with really cool things and I'll help out by picking up, delilvering, and unloading things for her store." Your store impressed my 19 year old son who is not impressed by many things. :)

livlife said...

I can't say I have ever thought of an "artsy" career before. Cardmaking is about as far as my creative side goes. :-D I think it's a cool idea about the window though. Would it be only local students? I can't wait to see the website. Olivia

McMaster & Storm said...

sigh, those pitchers--we're still hunting!
so neat your son wants a wife to have a store....keep us posted on that one.
we do have lots of fun things in store......& Annie O. will be our focus this summer as we are all trying to bring that event back to the downtown instead of the fairgrounds. fun, fun!
kara & darcy

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hello! My Country Living just arrived in my mailbox today, after a friend had mentioned she had seen your article in the current issue. I live fairly close to you, so I will have to come over and visit your shoppe soon! It looks quite lovely!
Also, I invite you to come visit my blog when you have a chance!!

Barbra said...

Just read my CL and saw "Greenville" and got excited. Alas, I am in Greenville, South Carolina! Your store looks amazing. I invite you to visit my blog and online shop. Maybe that way we can connect!

Randi said...

Congratulations on your debut in Country Living! I was thrilled to see you in there! I'm so happy to be able to visit your store and I love all of the items I've purchased there!

Janice said...

I just got my CL yesterday,too, and about spit my tea when I hit page 44! I tried to call but neither of you were there, so I'll say it here...Congrats! :)
Janice K.

Kasey said...

I can't wait to hear if you are coming up my way to the W.E. gig.
Would love to go to dinner.

Morgan Elyse said...

Hi Kara and Darcy,
I saw that you left a comment on my sister's blog about displaying student art in your window. Would that include photography as well? I'm not sure that all people see it as an art, but to me it is. =)
Photography is a big hobby of mine and this year I am a correspondence student of the New York Institute of Photography. Anyway, I would love to participate! Drop me a line.

Heather L. said...

I enjoyed seeing you in the Country Living! Your store sounds like such a lovely place!