Monday morning coffee

Monday, February 25, 2008

Kara loves coffee, but early morning coffee in her cup requires creamer. Darcy can have hers black with a little bit of sugar. Kara is out of creamer this cold Monday morning, ---sigh. Some random pictures to warm us up!


*Ruth Harsham* said...

Saw your store in the magazine & just love it! So wish I could visit the store in person, but can't wait to shop online soon! From one shopkeeper to another, best to you both!

Holly Doodle Designs said...

I have to have creamer too! I like good.

McMaster & Storm said...

you can call to order the staplers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kara! So sorry you are out of Creamer? Is the package the one you talked about that Jeff gave Betsy?
I keep forgetting to ask you if you will be carrying the butterfly stamp set from Cavallini? I saw it on Heather Bullards Blog and I wouldn't mind being able to get my hands on a set!
Do you have lots of spring stuff on desplay yet??
I was planning to come over tomorrow but it sounds like the weather won't be nice at all. Maybe Wednesday! Deborah wants me to get sandals for her kids too!
see you,

McMaster & Storm said...

yes, that gift was for betsy king.
we are busy-busy working on spring.
in the next 2 weeks store will be making some dramatic changes.

Kasey said...

I think i might just have to order one of those dang cute staplers!