Original Hardwood Floor

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some of you know my saga with my kitchen floor! I tried to paint the linoleum for a quick fix until 
our salvage wood floor was installed. Painting the linoleum was a painting disaster. Since painting the linoleum this past spring it has since chipped off in many places and with anything that was scooted across the floor, more of the ugly orange-ish linoleum came through.

Right before we left for Atlanta for the Country Living Fair, I had pulled the threshold up from our laundry room remodel because I kept tripping over it + knew it would come up anyway when the wood floor was installed in the kitchen.

I was suscipious that I saw wood flooring underneath the two layers of linoleum. The second layer of linoleum is straight out of the 50's or 60's. Matt said he didn't think there was wood under there.
So, yesterday I was beyond sick of the linoleum. I decided to pry up more of the layers and see for myself. Then deal with what to do if there was no wood flooring under there. {ever done something like this by yourself? I want to know!}

Right before Matt came home I discovered there was wood flooring under there. I squealed you would've thought I found gold or saw a mouse........Entire kitchen, intact wood flooring,  no glue and the wood still tightly together! Talk about a pick-me-up! We now don't have to lay salvage wood flooring since the original is there. {now for sanding & Waterlox treatment}

For those who have seen this on Instagram, I apologize it's just that I'm beyond thrilled. Yesterday evening with all the floor excitement our contractor sent pictures of the restored attic windows. Still hopeful the bulk of the attic remodel will be done by Christmas. {but then again house projects never are on schedule around here!}

Lots of updates from the Country Living Fair in Atlanta soon. We have a couple of fun exciting trips planned in November & December!  Heather Bullard's Souvenir {Holiday Edition} should be out before too long. Can't wait to see the layout of the wrapping project I did + all the other stories that will be in there.

Plus, Jeanne Oliver's Creatively Made Home is going on and have just seen a couple videos and they are great. So happy we can do the class at our own speed. I did a short presentation for Jeanne and doing a video of myself was hilarious & not as easy as I thought it would be! Honestly, it's really hard and thankful Jeanne has some editing superpowers. {Did I really, really say "plastic phenomenon".....Oh, dear me!}

Also, I'm on Instagram karagarber ---this is a fun way to keep up with tons of inspiring people/bloggers/friends. I love how fast & easy it is!

Jen at Cottage Nest has done a fab job with her kitchen update/redo......I am so inspired by her! Go over and cheer her on!

chat soon!


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Isn't it exciting when you find something like that? I was so thrilled too!!

Jenn lives right down the road from me. I've been keeping up on her updates too. She has the cutest little house! Her husband dug up some lilac trees over the summer that were blocking a window and she sooo sweetly let me have them to transplant in my yard.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm a long time follower. I finally have something to contribute!

First off, congrats on the hardwood! We had something similar in our old house. We had an unfortunate doggie accident on our carpeted steps. Not wanting to clean it, and planning to pull up the carpet in the future anyway, we decided to rip it out. We were excited to find decent (if not beautiful) wood steps that looked much nicer than the carpet ever did.

My real contribution can be found at this link on my blog

We're restoring a 175 year old building to move my stationery shop to. I started cleaning my back stoop and the next thing I knew - I had a brick courtyard!!

Truly enjoy the things you post on your blog. Thanks for letting me share!

Melanie said...

You have EVERY REASON to squeal!!!!! That is SO exciting!Talk about a labor-saver!

deborah said...

Wow! That is like finding gold! Super exciting...and pretty too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an amazing find!!~ I would be squealing with pure delight as well!! It makes you wonder why anyone would put ugly flooring over gorgeous hardwood!
I am loving Jeanne's CMH course as well, it is just fabulous!!
Hope you have a lovely night.

Jenny said...

Beyond FANTASTIC!!!! YAY!!!

Kimberly said...

I am wondering what lurks under the vinyl here in my 1920 kitchen. I sure hope the wood is salvageable!
We're finishing the attic and trying to redo the washroom as well. Busy, messy days, aren't they?

Wood Flooring Product Suppliers said...

Congratulations for such a great find! Keep your readers posted on the project. That vintage look is so lovely.