Summer Fete 2012 {Tips part 1.}

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is our cast of characters for the evening. There will be 6 couples; lo and behold this fun old photo had the same number. I numbered them and will name them after our guests and use for props or at each place setting. { I'm hoping we can retake our group photo posing exactly the same way as above!!}

A busy mom's tips:
Do laundry everyday regardless of having a party or not. I do 2-3 loads a day and fold & put away.
I even stick a load in the wash before or after church, I don't fold and it greets me bright & early Monday morning!

Having piles of laundry the day of a party is no fun and it just feels better keeping it up.

*Realize that only a fraction of your ideas will come to fruition. Unless you have a small army on hand to cut, stamp and assemble it isn't going to happen. Be ok with it.....simple is more. If you do  a highly detailed event give yourself 3 months ahead or more if you have small children.

*Do the grocery shopping 2 days before this is important. I can tell you I have waited until the day of and it's not pretty.

*Check weather and always have a backup plan. Since no rain is in sight I went ahead and set up my areas. It's going to be hot, hot, hot so for Friday evening so we moved the dinner to 7:30.

Clear clutter a couple days before you clean your house, makes cleaning go smoother.
Make a list of things that you need to cut or gather from the garden.

Gather together all your tableware and put them in a basket to carry outside. Have another basket for supplies, etc you will need outside so your not running in & out of house a zillion billion times.

Gage where the sun will be at the time of meal and move table so it's in the shade. Makes for better pictures and keeps your guests comfortable. Get lighting hooked up a couple of days before so extension cords, light bulbs & candles are ready to go!
Weeding---some things you just don't have time for.  Remember you cannot do everything. {Well I can't anyway!}
Bases for concrete sink--hurry, hurry!
I will post on food, etc. soon.......I'm heading to pick up some things ahead of time!


Anne Marie said...

oooooh.....I am more than excited!

you are so in it

b.ellen said...

Great Post Missy!! Love the all tips..laundry everyday-i did that once upon a time before # 4 . need to get back to that system.. it works!

Have a delightful time!

Jill Elaine said...

Yep, laundry every day is a great tip! Another is to hand a lot of it off to your 13 year old! Luke will be there before you know it:)
You pics are awesome - as always!
Can't wait - heat or no - hey any evening w just adults is grand!

Susan Baldwin said...

We can hardly wait to see how it all turned out! xoxo

deborah said...

I know it was lovely!!! Can't wait to see pics!

I am so with you on the laundry!

Rose said...

I assume the rain and wind, plus the heat made your party different than you had planned. Tell us about your menu and how the party went off.