Planning {styling & farm to table event}

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another sneak peek of a collaborative styling project I'm working on.......I'm loving playing a kind of "merchandising" stint! Some days I miss stacking, arranging & piling! Anyone else?

 {Party planning}

 Farm to table party that will happen at our brick farmhouse next week on June 29th. Think fresh, simple food & dining alfresco on our harvest table.........{my mother is letting me borrow white chairs, thank you-thank you} {maybe even a church pew or 2 for socializing by the evening campfire!}

I give a lot of credit to the amazing Alice Waters {Chez Panisse} for pioneering a lot of the farm to table movement. She is amazing and if you have a chance, the dining experience is worth every penny---I will never forget the simplicity & authenticity of her restaurant. {We ate there for lunch}

My 8 year stint in California furthered my love of good food that my mother started in her backyard large garden. She canned everything under the sun and then some. We couldn't go swimming until the peas were shelled and the beans snapped!

P.S. We are having a grown-ups party--no littles this time! Fun to do that every once in a couples a chance to have a date night........& that is just plain healthy!

Prepping for that party this weekend. I'm hot & sweaty already this morning from cleaning!  My dear husband is working on installing our vintage concrete factory sink in the garden! Will be so nice to have that in the garden to rinse vegies and little dirty feet & hands.........

Oh, Jill from Sew a Fine Seam is working on linen roman shades for our house. Goal is to have front of the house windows completely done before the party! Expect a tutorial and tips from Jill--we she learned a lot from the first one we she worked on this past Thursday at my house. Thanks Jill......

May your weekend be bountiful......


Jill Elaine said...

Nothing like putting the pressure on - LOL! I will get them done if it is humanly possible to do - you know me!