Warmth + Love {& attics}

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Out of this world Apricot Rosemary Jam with Double Cream Brie.
{Compliments to my mother for the 5 lbs I gained this past week}

I can't believe we don't have a Trader Joe's or a Target in Englewood. We instead have a Murray's Cheese , in the middle of the Deli Department in Kroger. Seriously, cannot believe this famous NYC place decided to permanently camp out in the Kroger I shop at. I shall never complain that we don't have a TJ's closer. Amen. 

I dislike coming up with blog post titles, anyone else? I always think that will be so easy, and well it's not. 

We had two Thanksgiving's in one week. Last Sunday, my brother's girlfriend came out {or is it "up"?} from Virginia and my mom had a scrumptious spread. I was more than excited that we had peanut butter pie instead of pumpkin. Pumpkin pie does not have me jumping up & down. I'm a cobbler & icing- on- the- cake kind of gal. The only 2 pies on this earth that I get excited about are peanut butter pie & black raspberry cream pie and well, my mother's white Christmas pie. So, that makes 3, hmmm, there are others that are surfacing right at the moment---maybe I like cream-y pies?!

The second Thanksgiving involved ham and a creative spin on the Thanksgiving meal. {Just thought you wanted to know that.} We had a pumpkin/praline cheesecake and that my dear friends is a very good spin on the typical-I-don't-care-for pumpkin pie.

 My 2 turkeys figured out they could fit in the play oven. Luke kept tumbling out and exclaiming, "the turkey isn't done yet"! I love watching children playing using their imaginations. {it's also free entertainment}

 "Look, the turkey has ginger hair!"

 PROJECT! {cackle, cackle laughter} Attic room it is time to tackle you. You have great potential nice big room, 2 windows and a place to build built ins for tubs, out-of-season clothing & games. Nice big area to spread out legos, train tracks and a place for the kids to play while it's a blowing snow outside.
I only gave one view the area where it's cleaned out! You really didn't think I would show
you plastic tubs stacked up?? :)
We can close the door on the mess while it's getting worked on. 
It has the original wood floor, minus some missing pieces when the previous owners installed can lights in the kitchen. 
Main pipe already installed for a bathroom. We did that when we put water lines in the new laundry room, so it made sense to run one up to the attic. 
Electric was installed by the previous owners.
Pinterest! Love that I have been able to "pin" ideas for the attic! 

What were we thinking--why did we not at least refinish the floors and put spray foam insulation when we moved in 7 years ago? We had no kids and the attic was pretty empty. 
The biggest annoyance is finding a place for all our stuff we have stored up there. My husband started working on that and it's moving slow. Don't want to make the rest of our upstairs a huge mess with tubs, etc. It will be easier having everything moved out so we are not moving things to & fro in that room while construction dust is flying.

Have a lovely weekend.........


deborah said...

The "turkeys" are so cute! Projects-what fun! But what a great space it is and will be!