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Friday, November 11, 2011

 I helped behind the scenes for a shower-- a teensy peek: wooden forks & kraft trays for the apple cake with rum sauce.  Bamboo picks for the cheese & dried fruit.
 DIY garland and maps "stating" where the bride & groom are from.
 My grandmother, Irene passed away last week {91 years}. We drove 16 hours to a teensy town in Kansas. Kansas will never be the same again without her.  I will miss her cheery, always wanting to sit-a-spell & chat- with- me grandma. I loved her letters she wrote me, when she ran out of space she would just write all around the card then finish on the very back! :) I'm thankful I saved a very important letter from her when I moved from Ohio to California in 1994. Happy to tell you she knew Jesus Christ as her Savior.

 I spotted this old service station in one of those wee towns and wanted to packed it up and bring it back with me. I think it would be cute for a store in my yard. It even had built in cupboards. I wonder if I should've just taken those doors home?

 Metallic golds & silvers are beckoning me these days........

1. I found the very cool vintage coin purse at Sylvia's for a mere 50 cents. It's in great condition and I love the zipper opening on the bottom, an all-in-one coin purse! 2. Letterpress card in golds & blacks. 3. A delicious caramel with sea salt, a brand new company debuting soon! The proprietress is one of my customers and has very good taste. Literally.
3. Vintage pharmacy measure jars, because vintage glass is always "in"! Found at one of my favorite places to dig. 4. Paper tape from Martha Stewart.

 1. Gold $1 coin  2. My favorite pencils, Verithin in metallic gold.
 What to get the guys this year? I found these via Garret Wade and they were a steal on sale at $14.95, regular $29.95. Perfect to tuck in with this at RH. These screwdrivers are the berries. Read some fun reviews by Garret Wade customers......{Oh, I think they are pretty too!}

Real Tools for Real People
Reviewed By: David A. (San Francisco , Ca.) 
Shaped like a zeppelin , tough as a tank and worthy of building or maintaining both . One solid piece of cold hard steel runs form the tip, all the way up the shaft where it slips into your palm as though it's hardwood handle were created for your firm grip . Old school and mean looking . So tough the first time I went to use it the screw got scared and twisted itself in . Set of four , one each of six , eight , ten , and twelve inches ... depending on preference or who's measuring .

Reviewed By: Jeff F (Clarksville, OH) 
I believe these were originally made by the Irwin Tool Co., in Wilmington, OH. (Home of the infamous Irwin Auger Bit.) Subsequently sold to American Tool, then to Rubbermaid. No longer located in Wilmington, OH (near Martinsville where it all began.) These screwdrivers are real brutes. The kind of tool you want in your truck toolbox if you're stranded somewhere.

See those tiny vintage hardware parts? I'm thinking of selling them. Well, about selling things I need to take photos today as once again I'm behind even more so.

{when I get all caught up ;) this looks like an interesting book about Catherine the Great.}


Katie said...

I heard your grandmother passsed away. She was a sweet lady and always reminded me of my grandmother. I think they grew up together. Grandmothers have such a special place in our hearts!

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

i am sorry to hear about you grandmother...sounds like you enjoyed each other very much, and that's what counts.
love those tools...i am the handy woman around the house and would very much like those instead of the boring basic ones i have!

Little Pink Studio said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Love that old service station, too. Wouldn't that be fun to have?
Cerri xo

deborah said...

The sea salt caramel sound divine..

Susan Baldwin said...

Kara, I'm so sorry to see this about your grandmother's passing. Psalm 116:15 :*) What a beautiful blog post. I think you need that petite building!

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend reading Catherine the Great. My copy is an old translation from a French book. I think I discovered it in a thrift shop. How blessed to have a sweet grandmother.

Love your blog. I've been reading it for years.

Susan Baldwin said...

P.S. Your gift wrapping is exquisite! Souvenir just arrived and your gift wrap project shown is the most beautiful ever!