Paper-y Things

Saturday, July 23, 2011

 Some fun things to embellish with.........we added some new things to our etsy shop.
 Shopkeeping at it's best! {I love old pricing tags....}

Wanting to learn to make crepe paper flowers.......{oh, that's right I was going to learn to make French macaroons too! I did buy the special ultra fine sugar so hope to make them soon!} What is on your list to learn to make?

I found a sink for the laundry digging in my dad's barn. He was slightly exasperated that I wanted this old sink. He tried to talk me into to buying a new one, he thinks I'm nuts. Nope, I have a vision! Plus, there was no price tag to boot!  {maybe I'll splurge on the faucet!}

Have a lovely, creative weekend.......


fancylinda said...

Learning to make French beaded flowers is on my list. I think I have purchased three books on the subject over the last few years and have never gotten around to looking at them.

marti k said...

I remember making crepe paper flowers! can't wait to see yo sink in ut room! In fact i'd just like to see it all!

Rebecca said...

Ha my dad used to think I was a little off too, but then after he saw the finished product he was always surprised at how well it looked.
My list to learn is silver clay and resin.
Blessings to you this week