I Better Stick To......

Monday, July 25, 2011

doing other things than making French macaroons!
Oh, I did try to make them. I prepped, I had all the little circles drawn on the wax paper.
I cut and folded the batter just like the recipe said. I tinted the batter and the filling a pretty pink.
I planned on tucking the macaroons safely in the freezer for Vivian's party....BUT---the macaroons stuck to the wax paper! My 5 year old told me not to throw them away. He would just eat them then spit out the paper! {Didn't think of that!} After thinking about it.......it said to put them on parchment paper. I looked at the box it was wax paper. I don't have the heart to google it and have the search end up telling me, yup, use parchment paper. Better yet, I added the Silpat French baking mat to my Christmas list.

Baking really special things is precise, It's technical and cooking is not. I can add more of this, less of that. I love to cook. Baking, is more precise. {The meringue needs to look like shaving cream then it must fold back on to itself after counting to 10--very precise!}

So, should I try another batch? Maybe I should order them from Pistacia Vera in Columbus, Ohio
or just let Laudre´e's site inspire just by the pictures! Try, try again---I would love to learn!

I hope to have some new's to share with you tomorrow on another thing I better stick to!


fancylinda said...

Oh, that's too bad! Don't give up though... Get some parchment paper and try again. NOTHING sticks to parchment paper!