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Saturday, December 11, 2010

 Thank you Heather Bullard {our "Handy Box"}, Ez from Nice Package & Fiona from Cafe Cartolina for the sweet mention of our merchandise.........thank you kindly!

{New things will be popping onto our Etsy shop very soon} & yes, we are still plugging away on our new website for McMaster & Storm. {need to write some things up and I feel like I'm writing a term paper.....can I say "procrastination"?}

Darcy & I have made some new "ruler cards" for both shops----to wind your ribbon on!
& we picked up some more custom things we had done for us! Yippee!

{Some new vintage supplies coming soon!}

Here is our shop announcement of our "going-ons" this past Wednesday!
Verbage from our  Etsy shop........Swan and Shears

Yesterday, Dec. 9th, Darcy & I headed out after packing shipments, without our kidlets! Running some errands--like picking up goodies from our printer {he uses an old Heidelburg press, swoon!}. Stopping to eat Chinese, you know the kind of place that's "a- hole- in- the- wall", dated inside, but squeaky clean and oh, so good. {We shared General's Chicken if you must know!} We stopped in at an antique place and when we asked "how much" his reply was always "$10,000 dollars"! Then to a real "back in the day" variety store! {penny candy and oh, childhood memories! The clerks are always real friendly and a "Merry Christmas" was exclaimed to us as we headed out with our dime store finds........

Have a lovely day! Kara + Darcy {thanks for peeking!}


andrea creates said...

lovely things~
thanks for stopping by :)

Fiona Cartolina said...

You're welcome!
We love you :-)

The Queen said...

Hi friend! Fun to finally look at your blog. This is to cute.Offically feel secound rate! SK

Connie said...

I adore your shop on etsy! Such fun items to wrap with :)