Luke's Party

Monday, December 6, 2010

 Luke's party colors {brown, white, gray}

 What do you want to eat at your party?
"poppyseed sandwiches,
  salad with dressing
  & a cake on a cakestand!" {well, goodness it's not a party without a cakestand!}
I love hearing Luke's responses!

{the day after the party he exclaimed "I love all my presents"!} 

Faux Bois contact paper comes in handy for an "L"
The best cake ever! {Jill Renicker's recipe} Mine is always is a little crooked! Oh, well it did have a good side! {I only make one 3- layer cake a year.....I ordered Zach's last year-we'll see, it just take so much time!}

 Kids table!
I love kraft builders paper!

 Darcy's fun gift wrapping......
 again darcy's magic......

 grandma K's treasure trove of a bucket!

"a peek inside"
We now officially have a 3rd thumb-sucker!



April Mechelle said...

That party was so cute !!!

Anne Marie said...

what a great looking party...and not all plastic! that's why I love your stuff

and your baby? is just so darling!!!
Anne Marie

andrea creates said...

the party looks perfect :) very cute ideas!

jackie said...

What a sweet sleeping baby Kara! Love the birthday party. I remember when you still had the store and we stopped in and it was your middle son you were pregnant with. Time flies!

Susan Baldwin said...

What a precious birthday party for Luke! I love the cake and all the decorations. And Vivi is growing so much. Sweet, sweet moments!