"That Gal" {Katie Runnels}

Monday, October 19, 2009

Many of you have sent emails commenting on our new blog look! Well, here's to Katie Runnels of The Constant Gatherer. She won over our hearts when she designed our blog banner. Wozee
wow, did she knock our socks off! Then she set the stage with these funky curtains on the sides and all the little details! She's our gal!

Katie co-founded Shop SCAD in 2003
She has an amazing blog & is a studio artist. Recently, she started designing blogs & websites. Katie gathers all sorts of lovely things for everyone to read about. She also is the gal behind the cake topper created for Grace {Design*Sponge} & Aaron's wedding cake.

How did we come to know about Katie? Well, a customer Amy {a friend of Katie} of Stinky Toes Design came into our shop and told us about her. The story is the best:
Katie's future mother- in- law met her and liked her so much she called her son and told him she found the girl for him. Yes, it's true, they just celebrated their 2 year anniversary.
We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoped to have new products uploaded on the website by Wednesday night.

All in all, many interesting happenings backstage:
Thursday & Friday brings some exciting things.............
Well, it has been an incredible last few weeks. Let's just say we have work to do!
Studio sale was fun and hope to do it again next year.
Thanks to all of you that came out in the chilly weather!
Favorite comments:
Anne M. "I don't think beyond today"

A customer to Jessica Y. "Did you knit Meg's hat"?
"Sort of." "When you buy something at a thrift store, isn't that like making it yourself?"
replied Jessica.


Minister Grace said...


Jessica Y. is so funny.

I love the new do. It's perfect. My favorite? Hmmmm. It's gotta be the pictures on the right, especially the PRESS link. Oh yes. Also all of the fonts. Looks great. It was worth the wait.

cupcake studio said...

The new blog look is spectacular...as was our day in Greenville! Thanks ladies for adding some joy to our Friday :)

Kasey said...

it is SO YOU!!!
love it.

andrea creates said...

Oh my goodness your new blog look is beautiful! What a nice surprise when I came here this morning-I'm going to go check out her links now :)

Katie Runnels said...

OH! Thank you sweet Kara and Darcy!
You are an artists dream client!! You had all the goodies for me to play with! It should be known that Kara is responsible for the cool photography on the links!

Sonnie Sue said...

i love it, all of it! What a great job!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Y. is quite funny! I said it before, but the new look is so fun! Glad the studio sale went well. I had to try out the apple bars recipe! Yummy!

Rebecca said...

yahooooooo for the new M&S blog!! jumping for joy over here!

Jerri said...

Just love the new blog look!
Hope your girls are well!

Anonymous said...