Studio Sale {this friday & saturday}

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Studio Sale this Friday & Saturday: 8-3
email us for directions:

We've been cleaning every nook & cranny to get ready for this sale. We've been sorting everything from kids clothes {2 weeks ago} to household goods. Kara thoughts on this: kids = Rubbermaid tubs. Don't worry there will not be any kids clothes for sale! We put our foot down on pricing clothes, no way, absolutely not. Plus, wouldn't fit in with the whole look this weekend!

Mainly odd & ends from our brick & mortar shop, props, bric-a- brac, bolts of ribbon, a little of this & that. Well, we are putting out the new goodies & after our studio sale they'll go up on our website. Really thought that would happen shortly after Country Living Fair, but all we wanted to do for a couple of weeks was stare at the wall. Shortly we'll see some changes in more ways than one! yippee!

You're wondering what to do in our neck of the woods this's a list
1. Bear's Mill-{6 miles} Neat place to see this time of year. The drive on Bear's Mill Rd is just idyllic, woodsy and not typical Darke County flat fields! They still grind their own flour, cornmeal, etc. & it's for sale in their shop in the mill. Julie Clark does a great job at making the shop very artsy. No John Deer pot holders available at this establishment. Sorry.
2. Smith Coffeehouse {they serve lunch & we do believe breakfast on Saturday} in an old store front that used to be a Grocery, department store {swoon}, & a manufacturing place of some sort. We heard shoes. {3 miles}
3. Baltimore shop & Little Shop Antiques, mom & daughter team. They have been at their location for 20 years {daughter} & {mom} 40 years. They have it at their outbuildings; great place to go as it's tucked in a little burg and well, it's worth your time.
4. Once you pop into Baltimore Shop & Little Shop Antiques they have a cute map of all sorts of antique shops to visit that we just can't remember all their names.

We will have directions to the mentioned places above.

If any of you have questions or need anything on the drive here just give us a ring: 937-692-0120. See you soon!
Wear you coats and colorful scarves, it's in our shed! We'll stay warm with laughter........


Jill Elaine said...


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I so wish I could be there! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a morning.

cody.nat said...

Smith's Coffeehouse has a breakfast buffet on Saturday. Then a special Saturday menu for lunch. Your sale sounds like great fun!

b.ellen said...

Whoo hoo love your new look!! see you in the morning sometime

Jill Elaine said...

Yeah Kara! You got the new blog look up!! Love it, as wonderful as you described:)

Gretchen said...

TA-DA!!! Thats what you should have opened with when you put up this new look! It is beautiful! It is a dream boat...

Jill Elaine said...

Had a blast today with you two:) Fun to chat and just hang out. I am also loving all the great stuff I dragged home with me! I do keep thinking about a couple things - I may give in and get the Wendy Addison 'chair' and I will definitely be finding a way to use that 'fabric':) Hope tomorrow goes great for you too, wish I could come again, but I don't think I'm gonna get that one past the hubby:) He was great about today and I think he even enjoyed doing school with the girls. He did say he should have worked so I couldn't have gone so I wouldn't have sent any money! I said I would have gotten there if I had to walk:)
Ok, now I've wrote you a book. You can read it when you are overcome with insomnia, it'll work like a charm~

deborah said...

Love your new look! It is a perfect fit! the buttons on the side are so cute! very fun!

alee said...

Lovely "new" blog girls :)
I am lamenting that I am missing your sale ..
Hope it goes well & all your unwanted treasures find new homes!
We need to "chat" sometime!

Carol Weimer said...

Thanks ladies for a chilly but exhilerating morning sale. The trip to Verona was also very successful. Can't wait to see your next adventure.

kim said...

Love the textures and details of this blog! Gorgeous!