Today the Sun is Shining!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

{Picture Kate Spade}

Oh, we needed this after our crazy April snow! We were checking out what Kate Spade was up to. We love her style.........although Liz Claiborne bought her company she's always done her own thing!

Luke broke our basic point & shoot camera! We have photos saved of Darcy's house so we'll get those on then it's time to buy a new one......we're branching out into a better camera! We think we want a Canon Rebel.
Any ideas? Do you have a favorite brand of camera???

Loving this song today!



Kasey said...

i love my canon rebel, but really, it's all in the lense you invest in.

Anonymous said...

I like my Rebel but it is rather large to carry (with kids & all). My sweetie got me Nikon coolpix p80 for c-mas & I love it! It is medium size but has a huge zoom
(18x). Good Luck :) --Amber B.

Anonymous said...

We invested in the Nikon Coolpix last year for Christmas. We love it, especially the large screen and all of the choices are easy to learn and use.

Go look and see!

Carol Weimer said...

I'm getting ready to purchase a new camera myself. I looked at the Rebel but my son has a Nikon D40 and he's done some amazing work with it.

Anonymous said...

I too have a Nikon Coolpix and love it. I've been able to take some lovely close-ups of flowers in the garden.

Tara said...

Hi Girls!! I have a Rebel and a 10D, Canon, and I have to agree with Kasey it is all about the lense..and knowing how to use! HA! that was the big deal for me to learn how to use it on manual mode, made me so frustrated for a long time...I am so excited for you to get a new camera, I think I might have a melt down if one of mine died! :)