Where did the time go?

Friday, October 3, 2008

The day is slipping by and so much for a lengthy blog post.
I did get even more things uploaded including one of our 
prize ribbons. We have a wedding tomorrow and our attention will be on 
that special event. We'll see you on Tuesday with more updates.
Enjoy your weekend & happy nesting!


Jill Elaine said...

Great! I have to have one of those calendars again for next year. That has been the best calendar I've ever used.
Save me one!

Kasey said...

hey you girls!
wow, a few blog posts for the week....super cool:)
k-thanks for the good chat the other day!
can't wait to fill you in.

paige said...

this looks lovely
is there any chance you might post a page of the actual calender/week/ layouts?
thank you

Jill Elaine said...

Hey, Kara, I got my calendar book today from Sara! Love it, and it is so nice to already have my calendar as I need it for school things etc. already.
Also, I just have to say that your store window is one of my favorites of all you've done. I just love the side with the flea market baskets, the curtains and the & sign. Your boxes on the other side look so department store and I love what you did with the swans. I think you said Darcy did that so tell her 'great job'. You really should post pics on your blog of your store windows!