Going Nutty Around Here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Red and white cotton twine and nut cachettes. Christmas is coming at McMaster & Storm!

Getting back in the groove again. Some serious Nesting for Kara as she focused on her home for the last week. {I needed a break and time away from blogging} Little over 3 months to go until baby arrives and much needed time organizing before our Christmas open house. Actually don't think the real "nesting" phase has set in yet but, felt really great to freshen up the house. The real pregnancy nesting phase has not set in because if that was the case I would've cleaned out my Tupperware cabinet but, instead I scream every time I open it and quickly close it. How in the world does one organize that stuff. I love it but, oh those lids its mass confusion for sure.

I promise that I will be uploading some more things. I've been poking on this. I will check on inventory as that needs updated. Plus we have restocked some things like our chocolates among other things.

Christmas open house dates have been decided and working on things for that event.
{That's the going nutty around here!}
Nov 13th 10-8
Nov 14th 1-8
Nov 15th 10-5
Our event coincides with our downtown christmas this year. There will be carriage rides, singers & the downtown churches will be open. Love this as we have beautiful old churches throughout our downtown.

We will close down that Mon - Wed to prepare. On Mondays following open house we'll be open from 10-5.

I will post our theme on a later post.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Sounds so wonderful!! I so wish I could be a participant in your store's events! Perhaps someday! :)

Jeanneoli said...

I wish I could come. You two make everything so beautiful and all the other activities going on downtown sound perfect. On another note....whose tupperware cabinet is organized????

Kasey said...

hey there girls.
looks like i am headed to Ohio for Thanksgiving for sure:) let's plan on meeting up

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Your open house sounds like so much fun, and so festive. Colorado is just too far! Hope you are well, Kara! Sounds like you are if you are comtemplating the ole tupperware drawer...ugh!! Take Care!