Wooden Ice Ceam Spoons and Lettres

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We wanted to show some things that are meaningful to us, the little thoughts that make our lives enriched. Picture above is vintage wooden ice cream spoons from Kara's Great Aunt Eva.

Aunt Eva passed away at age 65 when Kara was 10 or 11. She was a lovely Aunt who sharpened her chalk and wrote in beautiful writing, thoughts and scriptures on a petite chalkboard {a favorite memory}. Kara's Mother was able to pick out this box after her passing. Can you imagine taking the time to write where you ate your ice cream on a little wooden ice cream spoon? Look at the date on one of them 1941..... darling little mementos preserved. Kara's Mother intends on framing them. It's these little tokens that you take the time to do along the way that make life more lovely. How sweet is that!

Next, is something that Darcy & I hold dear and close to our hearts... hand written letters to us as shopkeepers. After our press in Country Living, we have had some amazing letters and stories to tell! The two letters on the right are from our customers, notice the lovely penmanship! We are truly blessed to receive heartfelt sentiments through the mail and not e-mail! These we keep on our inspiration board in the studio.
The letter on yellow paper has a wonderful story, this lady lived in Greenville in the 1950's and while waiting for their house to be finished they lived above our shop!!!!! She couldn't believe it when she saw the article and it said 620 S. Broadway. She hand wrote 2 pages to two gals she has never met, priceless. We have it on our list to write as she still has a friend in the retirement center close by. We would love to drive to Pennsylvania to meet her, maybe we will!

Ok, on another note we have all our new products edited and ready to be uploaded. We don't know where the hours go and it's hard to get things done when you are running a physical store too. We have a lot on our plate and we are slowly but surely getting things crossed off our list.


Jill Elaine said...

Hi Girls! I love your new header pic! Very much your look! This was a fun post too! That is a neat idea, the ice cream spoons.
Can't wait to see all your new goods!

Kasey said...

I love the spoons! Ilook forward to seeing you gals next month!

Secret Leaves said...

The ice cream spoons are a treasure. These are the kinds of curious and charming things that captivate me and that I thrill to when I run across them at an antique shop or flea market. The fact that they belong to Kara's dear aunt make them even more special.

I check my mail box every day, secretly hoping for something besides bills and credit card solicitations. Luckily, I have a couple of friends with whom I exchange mail missives--packets containing anything we feel like: photos, handmade books or just trinkets. It's a thrill receiving them! Hail to the lost art of letter writing!