Seaside Confections Since 1885

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seaside confections have been uploaded for a little bit, just never posted on our blog. These have been a hit in the store! Yummy salt water taffy that promises "sea air and sunshine sealed in every box"! These will sure to be a memory maker in our tent at Country Living Fair!

The Butter Mint Rolls are a prize winner too! Melt in your mouth old fashioned-lots-of-butter-y-mint and your hooked! Vintage style pics on rectangle shaped boxes are sure to please.
Dreaming of the ocean today in the Midwest! May the thought of these summer-y tastes take you back to the boardwalks!

Enjoy your weekend!


Kasey said...

those look good girls!!
can't wait to try them at the fair:)

Teresa said...

Oh, totally brings back memories. Thanks- and wish I could go to the fair. :{

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! you girls did it again-new
stuff-gets better every time I peek.
Every blog has copied the "peek" word
since you used in "open"here
for your shop online!!!!!!!!! Like it
just appeared in the dictionary...