"Under Construction"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vintage cabinet all wrapped up for a wedding {wrapped by Darcy}

This picture will make Darcy sing when she arrives at the shop this morning! {she'll probably shoot me in the foot} Anyway thought it would wake her up. She was in a construction area and was required to wear one.

We have had an interesting week and here what's up at
McMaster & Storm. The store is on it's way to being totally changed around. Tuesday morning we arrived and was on a mission to follow through with our harebrained-last-minute-we're inspired-to make the store even a more quirky "petite department store" feel! {We made a huge mess in the process--thanks, Sara for helping us with our famous "piles"! Well we love it so far and so will you. It's cozy, cozy and summer-y. On our ordering list is more sweet treats, paper goods, ribbon & soaps.

Also, thank you for you patience in regard to the petite and grande bird decal. We sold out of our first batch, and our next batch is on order. Parts of these are hand cut as that's why there's so much detail! They asked us for "camera ready artwork" so it would be easier, but of course our faces got bunched up and contorted and said "but, that is so not
McMaster & Storm." These should ship around July 9th. You can go ahead and place your order and we'll fill it when they arrive.

In regards to our e-commerce new things will be uploaded soon along with making all 100 or so pictures so you may enlarge the them to see product better. We hope to have this in place over the next 2 weeks. We have re-stocked most things or they are on order. The petite double ruffle
is on order and we're getting more colors. Customers have loved this.


Teresa said...

Wish I could just pop into the store- bet it looks amazing- In fact I have a niece that lives close by and she went to your store for the first time a few weeks ago and was blown away! I told her she would be :} And of course I was jealous- well at least I can go to your on line store- Happy Day

Kasey said...

tell me about construction! the front of my shop as well is a MESS!
on aonther note, I hope you planning on bringing Bird Decals to Ohio in Sept:)

Anonymous said...

pow, pow, bang, poof...
she blows smoke from the end of the barrel...
it's a done deal... but her foot is still intact!!!!!
xoxo d

Emily said...

Hey Kara, just stopping in again to see what's up at the shop! I love that Bird decal! Very delicate and elegant!
Have a blessed weekend!
your cuz, Emily

Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Oh my goodness!! I was so excited when I saw that you commented on my blog. I read about your store in Country Living (or was it Country Home)....I don't remember. Thanks so much for stopping by. Someday I plan to visit your store. No the Ribbonery has not closed, they have moved upstairs. They are focusing more on decorating and weddings. It is actually right down the street from my house. Please stop by.