Sweet Summer Berries...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ooooohhh What a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day I've got a beautiful feeling.....

The parcal's keep coming and we keep gasping for breath, oh my, how do we get it all ready for presentation {the peeking stage} and stay sane at the same time? Welllll.......hummmm...
very good question. Sure is a good thing we really love our work, because otherwise I do believe our husbands would have us locked in padded rooms ! As been said, life is way to short to fret about the small stuff. {this, though is not small stuff... really serious business!}. Life is the berries, when we look on the bright side!
Sweet summer breezes bring in the sultry air that scream, muggy is the season. Summer fun has now begun. We have BIG ideas for all upcoming events...... which sometimes ideas and reality clash, but oh well, what fun would life be without big dreams. That's how business transpires, maybe a third of what we dream actually happens immediate, the other portion is all in the Lords perfect timing... Only HE knows what we can do and handle at one time. {Stayed on Thee, is where we need to be at all times}
Do continue to watch and PEEK as we will be uploading more new summer yummies as they are transformed in the "backroom". If by chance you get the opportunity, do stop by and see us, you never know what's in store @ McMaster & Storm.... we may have treats you never dreamed of finding in our "Petite Department Store"


Anonymous said...

Hello Gals!

Life is so hectic that we seem to rush through the important things to tackle the stuff that means very little. A clean and happy home, a healthy family, a husband that cleans up after himself...it all doesn't happen on its own. These may not be important to all, but for me they are. All of them effect my attitude and stress level.

I love how with such a crazy life we all live, I can come to your store, website, or blog and be inspired to conquer all the above. Okay, maybe not the husband part, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad!

Your sweet embellishments and attention to detail allow me to think outside the box, create new ways and ideas. I love to go home after being in your store and spruce it up. To me, a clean and happy home makes for a clean and happy mind and attitude, It also leads to me eating better...wierd huh?

I would love to hear more about you two girlies and how you manage a home, a family, and a great store. Even though you don't feel like it some days, your story and style is an inspiration.

Keep inspiring!

McMaster & Storm said...

thanks anonymous.......this was a welcome comment that we appreciate so much. you made our day. the Lord knew the timing of your comment would give us peace.
kara & darcy

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That was a great comment from anonymous!

You two do a fabulous job and you are inspiring! Love this post!!

Happy day & blessings to you!