Ohhhhh lovely day!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Once again the Lord has provided us with lovely sunshine {a much needed medicine for the soul}
a wonderful breeze brushes your cheeks as you step out, distance roar of the tractors in the fields, and the ever so wonderful twitting songs of birds.The sun makes me want to whistle a beautiful little tune. {trouble is my six year old actually can whistle better than I, sad I know}

I do believe Kara and I have come down with a virus {carrier; apple computer} The doctors tests now show a new and rare form of illness, they call it websititis. Symptoms may vary from patient to patient. The doctor prescribed the highest dose of R&R {a complete remedy for all that ails you.} And believe you me , we did laugh @ that one, and when I might add do you suppose the reality of that may transpire? REST hah, who in their right mind came up with that one?! What really is a cure all?! I scream, you scream, we ALL need JENI'S SLENDID ICECREAM. I feel a road trip in the making. Until then...


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Sunshine is the best medicine! And ice cream. Rest? Not sure I understand that word.

Happy almost Friday, girls!

Oh, and I hope Darcy is feeling better!


How exciting it was to see your store in Country Living...a grand idea and most wonderful store! I hope to visit one day - no I MUST visit one day. Much success to you and with the website.

maisondespencer said...

Hello Ladies, I recently ordered 5 staplers you feature on your blog - can't ever buy just one of anything! I handed them out in the office and they were a huge hit & a nice surprise! Our Creative Services Team loved the lavendar one. A nice treat for me was finding the extra little gift of yummy chocolate mints in the box. I reluctantly shared them - but we all agree we want more! What are they and how can I purchase them? The little teaser is an effective Marketing idea, Girls. You put out the bait and set the hook. Well Done. Awaiting anxiously for your reply..while craving chocolate...Rebecca Spencer

heidi said...

hi girls!

ice cream cures just about anything, so enjoy! hope you're feeling better soon! (((hugs)))